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Gluten Free Or Friendly Restaurants In Toronto?

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Hi all! In early November I'm flying up to Toronto for a few days to have dental implant surgery. Therefore, I'm looking for places I can eat. My mother and I will be staying in the hotel at the Bloorview Kids Rehab center, so preferably, if you know of something close to that, it would be great. However, we will be going up to check ups and such for the months following the surgery, so any suggestions as to a good gluten-free or gluten friendly restarant to go anywhere in Toronto, let me know!


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I live in Toronto and can tell you about my favourite places :)

Cafe Next Door on Broadview serves awesome gluten-free grilled cheese :) plus tons of other meals.

Il Fornello has several locations across Toronto and they have great gluten-free pizzas and pastas.

Thirty Five Elm Restaurant is very similar to Il Fornello - same kind of pizza crust and rice pastas.

If you're just looking for a quick bite, New York Fries (located in most malls) only cooks fries in their fryers (no onion rings or chicken nuggets, etc, that would contaminate the oil). The fries are awesome!! Cheese sauce and ketchup are gluten-free too.

Anyway... I am pasting the names, addresses and a short description of meals available of the places I mentioned, plus others, from my website: http://www.glutenfreeontario.ca (links to maps and restaurant websites are available on the site)

Big Mamma's Boy

554 Parliament Street

*All menu items are (or can be modified to be) gluten-free (except spring rolls). Pasta, pizza, pancakes, toast, burgers, chicken, ribs, desserts and more.

Cafe Next Door

790 Broadview Avenue

*Offers gluten-free grilled cheese, bagels, sandwiches, salads, rice bowls and desserts.

Fressen Restaurant

478 Queen Street W.

*Vegan cuisine. Menu indicates gluten-free options. Also willing to work around other food sensitivities.

Il Fornello

1560 Yonge Street

2901 Bayview Avenue

207 Queen's Quay W.

214 King Street W.

576 Danforth Avenue

2022 Queen Street E.

8851 Yonge Street (Richmond Hill)

491 Church Street

*Offers gluten-free pasta and pizza.

Le Cafe Vert

946 Queen Street E.

*Gluten-free options specified on menu.

Le Commensal

655 Bay Street

*Vegetarian buffet-style restaurant. Vegan and gluten-free options are specified.


3300 Bloor Street W.

*Gluten-free section is not displayed online. Go to glutenfreeontario.ca for a link to a scanned image of the gluten-free options from the take home menu.

LIVE Organic Food Bar

264 Dupont Street

*Raw/macrobiotic cuisine. Most menu items are gluten-free. They also make gluten-free vegan cakes starting from $30.

Magic Oven

788 Broadview Avenue

127 Jefferson Avenue

270 Dupont Street

*Offers gluten-free pasta, pizza, salad and dessert.

Molly B's Gourmet Organic Gluten-Free Kitchen

1400 Squires Beach Road, Pickering Market, Aisle M (Pickering) - weekends

9100 Bathurst Street, Toronto Waldorf School (Thornhill) - weekends

*Family-owned dedicated gluten-free bakery. Offers gluten-free bagels, pizza dough, pierogies, pastries, cakes, crepes, flour blends and more! Many products are also dairy-free. Products are available in stores across Ontario as well.

Naturally Yours Gourmet

1 First Canadian Place

919 Kingston Road

*Gluten-free pizza is available.

Outback Steakhouse

801 Dixon Road

30 High Tech Road (Richmond Hill)

*Ask for gluten-free menu.

Pulp Kitchen

898 Queen Street E.

*Vegetarian cuisine. Juicebar and healthy eatery. Offers gluten-free bread as substitute for toast and sandwiches.

Relish Bar and Grill

2152 Danforth Avenue

*Gluten-free menu available.

Thirty Five Elm Restaurant

35 Elm Street

*Gluten-free options available for pizza and some pastas.

Vegetarian Haven

17 Baldwin Street

*Vegan cuisine. Menu indicates wheat-free (wf) options.


2277 Bloor Street W.

*Offers gluten-free pasta, pizza and almond dessert.

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Don't waste your time and money at Il Fornello's. It is God awful gluten-free pizza. It is not cheap either.

The manager admitted to us that he has tried it and would not eat it again. Any other frozen pizza or frozen crust or homemade pizza is better. Dont go.

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Are you finished slamming Il Fornello yet? You have posted essentially the same thing in three different topics. Repetitive posting of the same information is a violation of the board rules.

Edited to add:

Outback Steakhouse

801 Dixon Road

30 High Tech Road (Richmond Hill)

Outback closed all locations in Ontario in March of 2009.


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