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Bloodwork I Should Request?

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What bloodwork should I request to have my son tested for Celiac?

Myself and my two daugthers are gluten intolerant (negative bloodwork for myself and 1 daughter, other daughter never tested before she dropped gluten). When I was tested (and when my one daughter was tested), I believe I had asked to be tested for celiac. I have no idea what tests were run.

My understanding since reading more about this in the past is that it is important to run the right kinds of tests, and that doctors frequently don't run all the tests they could in testing for Celiac.

My son is showing a couple of symptoms here and there that myself and daughters have experienced. I don't expect a positive blood test....BUT would like to go ahead and get the labs anyway. I just want to make sure the right tests are run.

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Thanks! Don't know if the doctor will listen to me, but will be asking what will be included on the panel (assuming she will do the panel as requested). My son is rarely at the doctors office, more often than not if he has gotten sick, it is easier to go to the local Care Now. I had to make an appointment to talk with her first.

She is a DO, I do like her, she seems to listen more than most. BUT - he doesn't have any typical symptoms of celiac. And the "neurological" type symptoms don't seem to be present all the time (has trouble thinking, remembering he says - this is one of the major symptoms both myself and my daughters had). I could see her declining to test because he would seem to be without symptoms. Although I find myself wondering if maybe he is always in a fog - and just doesn't realize it. My one daughter said after the fact that she looks back over her high school years and realizes now she wasn't very clear for most of it. I am hoping even if only on the basis of 3 in the family being gluten intolerant she would test.

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