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Celiac Specialist Atlanta

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Hi, I am from Atlanta, Georgia and am in DESPERATE need of a Celiac Specialist in the area.

I have been gluten free for a year now and my symptoms have improved but it is still a struggle. Since going off gluten I have had the celiac blood test which came back negative (which is probably because I am no longer eating gluten) I also had an endoscopy that showed stomach irritation but no villi damage at the time. I did test positive for one of the genes in the gene blood test which prompted my current GI doctor to recommend a gluten challenge as the only possibly way to diagnose me with Celiac.

I am not comfortable going back on gluten because of the bad symptoms I experience even with jut a small amount of gluten.

I am now trying to find a Celiac Specialist. I have heard great things about Dr. Cynthia Rudert but since she doesn't take insurance I don't think she is the best option.

If anyone could PLEASE recommend any doctors in the Atlanta area I would greatly appreciate it.

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There was a female Dr. I saw speak last year at a Celiac conference. She was kind of like the House of Celiac. I will look in the morning to see if I can find her name.

Edit: Duh. I was so excited to see that I might be able to help I didn't read the past part. If you aren't willing to challenge I would try and find the funds to go see her. She's really suppose to be the best and with past test result she may be able to help you out.

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