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  1. what i thought was anemia was my main symptom too. felt like a vampire was visiting me during the night. -TtG 137 though. they just need to make it a standard part of a physical...
  2. exactly. anything can be an allergen so for them to not be specific is eventually going to hurt someone. im personally working a theory that im allergic to citrus, its hard to tell...
  3. since they just say "food starch" they could have made it from a cows arse for all i know. they need to just say what it comes from every time lol
  4. It sounds like the equipment in most places would be pretty easy to clean if its made of metal. but if cross contamination with oats starts in the field you could literally just...
  5. can someone explain to me the equipment that cross contaminates everything with gluten? i know oats aren't safe unless certified. but im hearing chicken and all kinds of weird stuff...
  6. in USA does it still just refer to it as "modified food starch"? its always corn starch in canada, but im not 100% on whether they have to mention traces of wheat or not like they...
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure the gluten made me quite grumpy. Now I'm grumpy because I want some twizzlers.
  8. I'm on whole foods and things that say "gluten free" for the most part now. certain things like pepsi and coke soft drinks don't say gluten free but they are, fancy sodas might...
  9. I'm glad mine was 137 now. there was no doubt from my doctor
  10. same as that turtle cheesecake i got last week. tiny and expensive :(... im a small guy i need my calories oh nvm some of them are only 3$ for a small-ish pack. still like...
  11. ever find the secret gluten? im willing to bet one of the other kids just isn't washing their hands after eating at home... there are kids who just dont learn to wash their hands...
  12. I didn't even like bread before diagnoses. I was getting glutened by bags of red twizzlers.. speaking of which where can i get some gluten free licorice?
  13. i went through a few 1.5kg tubs of greek yogurt since diagnoses. was a little worried about lactose intolerance but I think yogurt is low lactose anyways
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