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  1. Mine subsided before I went gluten free. I wonder if my body went from giving me canker sores to tearing up my guts instead? Maybe it's all related. I'm so happy to hear yours went away after you went gluten-free!
  2. I find this fascinating because as a child and young adult, up until about age 27, I had recurring canker sores. My canker sores always came in groups. I nearly always had 2 or 3 at a time but during a bad case I would get 8 or 10 and the most I had at once was 16! They hurt SO BAD! Talking hurt...
  3. Thanks for the comments! It's nice to know that the burning sensation isn't completely foreign to some others. I have been "strict" gluten-free for the last 2 weeks and the pain has subsided by about 80%, thankfully. Now I'm keeping a food/symptom journal to see if there is something else that...
  4. Hey Guys, I'll post the question first in case you don't have time to read my story. Does/can gluten expose cause burning pain in the gut area? It seems when I MIGHT have a gluten exposure I get a "flare" of burning pain in my gut - mostly my left upper area. If I KNOW I've eaten gluten I...