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Gluten-Free Food

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Recently this post was released:


It's about how gluten-free food is bad.

What do you think? Do I really need to stop eating gluten-free bread etc.?



I wouldn't call it an article.  Its more of an advertisement for the products sold by that site.


Most Celiacs eat gluten-free bread without issues.  If gluten free bread bothers you, don't eat it.  Try making your own?  I don't eat a lot of it because I have never been a big bread person and don't need the calories.

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I agree with KarenG that this site doesn't appear to be all that credible.  That said, not all food that says "gluten free" is necessarily healthy.  Over-processed food with preservatives, additives, chemicals, corn syrup, and other crap isn't all that healthy - whether it has gluten in it or not.

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Hi amitatos! Welcome.


I think rule number #1 for newly diagnosed celiacs should be "don't believe everything we read on the internet".  :D


Unfortunately, I learned early on that everyone has an opinion and they express it loudly.


So, okay...here's mine: read what the leading celiac researchers say instead of bloggers and websites that scare you and want to sell you information.


Many celiacs enjoy G F breads, cookies, crackers and are perfectly healthy. Just exercise moderation because they are high carbs.


Like all things, avoid them if they do not agree with you, but it is not true that they are "slowly killing celiacs" as this website and others  would have you believe. I eat some Udi's bread, crunchmaster crackers, GinnyBakes cookies, for example...and I'm alive and kicking. LOL


I do, however, have to go the gym now to work them off... ;)


Best wishes!

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Like anything else processed gluten free foods in moderation.  Too much of any processed food isn't "good" for you.  But enjoy your bread!

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