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Has anyone eaten a Schlotzsky's with a gluten-free bun?  Is it safe if you can get them to follow their standards to avoid cross contamination?

I am sort of under the impression that there really are no safe restaurants at this point, but I have young kids and they love to eat out on occasion.  They are the sweetest kids and don't like to see me be different or suffer. I'd love to find some restaurants that I feel safe eating in.



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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Going to say no, they use the same ovens often and I doubt they have a gluten-free dedicated one and are trained in cross contamination. The gluten-free bun idea is mostly to please the "Fad" gluten-free dieters, There is also the issues of them reaching across bins and grabbing different things with gloves that just handled bread, even if they change gloves for yours the fact is the previous one they were still touching bread then reaching into the bins.  Now what I do suggest is making your own at home with gluten-free bread or your own meal. Bring it and put some napkins down on the table and eat it there while the kids eat there if you want. On a side note celiac is genetic in most cases you might want to see about getting your kids tested also.

I personally always fix my own meals at home and take them out to eat when I go out with others. Most places will understand if you have medical dietary restrictions. Talk to the manager regardless first to clear up everything.

On a side note I hate to force my views but perhaps for your own safety your entire household should go gluten-free. My reactions and symptoms were so bad that residue around the kitchen and crumbs would set me off in a shared house. And I had to move to my own dedicated gluten-free home to heal.

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I do eat out,  but I can't imagine Schlotzskys would work.

here are a few places that are usually good - Red Robin, Chick Fil le.  Wendy's ( unopened baked potato, Frosty's, etc), Five Guys, In and Out Burger, Lark burger some of the Wok places, ....

go to Find me gluten freee and put in your area.  Read reviews to evaluate what looks safe for you.  I take into consideration things like how many good reviews and for how many years, the types of food and opportunities for cc, etc.

if you don't mind saying where you live, you could post in the restauruant section with a title like " fast food in Kansas City"  and see I found you get suggestions for your location.



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It is possible to eat at a shared sandwich shop, but I would be concerned about a chain.  For example, we eat at a family-owned sub shop in Alpharetta, Georgia.  It has over 50 good ratings on "Find Me Gluten Free" , has a family member with celiac disease,  their website talks about celiac disease, they have a completely dedicated area and do not share sandwich ingredients during assembly.  It is heaven!  


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There is a group that certifies restaurants if you are super sensitive and need a certified restaurant.

It is called the gluten-free Food service.  Here is their link http://www.gffoodservice.org/certified-directory/certified-food-services/

But I think it is a little try and error for local restaurants.

A little trick I employed was when I went to my favorite chinese restaurant (like Ennis_Tx mentioned above).   I told them about my allergy and had them keep a bottle of gluten free soy sauce on hand when I came in regularly.

Every Friday I would order maifun rice noodles with gluten-free sauce only and they were more than happy to do this and since I was a regular they gladly did this for me. 

But reward your local restaurant and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

There is a great gluten free local pizza restaurant that will deliver nationally either frozen crusts or heat and eat crust vacuum sealed that I swear by sent packed in ice.

I used to buy they by the dozen and pack in my freezer.  They use Tom Sawyer flour I think and it is a good pizza not just a good gluten free pizza.

They actually have a negative vacuum gravity room to ensure their is not mixing on gluten with their regular pizza's and all gluten free pizzas are made in that room.

I am not sure if they have dedicated oven or not.  I haven't been in a while.

Here is their website if you want to try a good gluten free pizza.  https://www.matteospizza.com/about

I also recommend though they are a little expensive the worlds best carrot cake.  I usually bought one only for my birthdays and special occasions.

They use fine red rice and it is wonderful.


They can be ordered through Whole Foods and before they were stocked in the Southern region I specifically had my local store order them for me.

The Outback and their respective companies are very good at gluten free I think if I understood it right the founder's owner's wife was a Celiac and every restaurant I have been too is always very knowledgeable and I have never had a problem.

One of my go too fast food places is Wendy's Taco Salad or just a large chili and ask for corn chips instead for your "crackers".  I haven't at in a while at hardee's but I ate several times their low carb burger.  They still sell them though they are not on the menu boards anymore.

Five guys also has a great low carb burger (lettuce for your bun) and a dedicated peanut oil fryer for hot fries.

There are actually more options than you think if you stop and think a little and are a bit creative you can actually meet new friends.

I would go to favorite  mexican restaurant and have fajita's and  speficially ask for corn tortilla's or eat only a taco salad or orzo con  pollo.

I didn't try this the first (corn tortilla's) time I went but by the 3rd week in a row I went they were glad to give me corn tortillas and by then they new me and were familiar with my order.

If you do it the first time (you will probably fail) so just eat the tortilla in the low carb style or like Ennis_TX said bring your own corn tortilla's instead.

Or go to Ryan's and have them make you an omelet or steak or chicken if it is lunch or to a chinese buffet and them have make you an hibachi grill of the stir fry you choose personally bringing again your own soy sauce or braggs liquid amino which is not bad soy sauce substitute in a pinch.

This way you always have fresh and hot food when it comes.

I hope this is helpful.






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