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What Does Potato Flour Look Like?

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I bought potato flour once (I don't remember where from) and it was kind of a tan color and had more of a flour texture. Then I ordered some potato flour from an online company and it is exactly like potato starch! It is labeled as p flour. I was just wondering if this is normal? Is potato flour always tan or can it be white and the texture of starch?




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I had actually the same thing happen. I was buying Goodmans potato starch in the regular Kosher section of my supermarket. Then I went to an Asian market and was in heaven, as some of you know the price differences can make you cry! Well yesterday I was making lorkas bread, and finished off my canister of Goodmans potato starch. So I went to my closet and took out potato starch from the Asian market, and added the drop left of the goodmans (i wont waste a morsel with these prices!) and the brand from the Asian market was actually a tan color. While the Kosher one was completely bright white! I was nervous to use it, but I made my bread, thank you again lorka, and it worked completely fine. I dont know why the color difference, but the product made no difference in my baking!

I hope this helps you a bit!


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