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Favorite Sports

What's your favorite sport  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite sport

    • Baseball/Softball
    • Basketball
    • Football

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    • Soccer
    • Lacrosse
    • Field Hockey/Hockey
    • Swimming
    • Track/Field
    • Martial Arts/Karate

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I don't like watching sports except gymnastics and ice skating. I am SO way more a participant.

I do gymnastics (highest floor start value in my gym, but lowest on bars, whee), aikido, have attempted basketball but am too short, and will give most anything a shot at least once.

Too hyper to just sit and watch though, so I don't have teams or anything that I follow.


celiac long enough to be the runt

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I voted for ice hockey. Winter sports are the only ones that are taken seriously where i grew up. small town in northern minnesota. I grew up either figure skating and playing hockey with the boys for a few years. However I don't like pro hockey at all!!! it seems as though the players lose their love for the game once they are getting paid millions. But college hockey different story!!! Go minnesota Golden Gophers!!!

I also like running. its really relaxing to me.

love watching nascar

oh also love skiing (cross country)

and I am starting to get into football and baseball of course the vikings and the twins


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I'm sitting here in my Dallas Stars jersey cuz today starts HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!

I'm a huge Stars fan, also follow:

Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers,

Kansas City Royals

I also like watching all the sports in the X-games.


hypoglycemic (diagnosed 1997 but symptomatic since grade school)


rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed January 2005)

peanut allergy

restarting gluten-free January 20, 2013

elevated liver enzymes + symptoms indicated celiac January 31, 2013. Dr. didn't want to run further tests due to other health complications

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I like to bowl..Also like to watch baseball--Atlants Braves :ph34r:


"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans"

"When people show you who they are, believe them"--Maya Angelou

"Bloom where you are planted"--Bev

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unfortunately I'm a philly fan.. I figure that with a little luck, there should be one championship in the next 50 years for either the Eagles or Phillies

I only really closely follow the NFL, MLB, and college basketball... I haven't cared much for the NBA since the strike in the late 90s but I still know enough about it and watch some playoff games...

as for playing sports, basketball hands down is my favorite sport to play..

- Charlie

- gluten free since January, 2006

- multiple food intolerances temporarily from leaky gut and candida

- positive test for lyme disease - April, 2007

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I didn't vote. I don't really like competitive sports. What I really love is to go trail riding! My mom and I will take our horses to the BEAUTIFUL state parks here in oregon. Years ago, I trained my horse in jumping, dressage, gaming, and just about everything else we could find to do. When I got sick he was (and still is) most of my physical activity. I fall asleep a lot, and he will notice and just stop and wait, things like that. Riding, even for 5 min, anything like that it's my favorite. :)

The best kind of "sport" is u and an equine buddy in a beautiful forrest. Fresh air, physical activity, and snacks (gluten-free ofc!). Ahhhhhhh. If it weren't nearly 2am I'd go right now!

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My favorite sport is gymnastics. Kassiane - what level are you? I just started doing gymnastics again (I'm 24), except my best event is bars and my worst is floor! I watch gymnastics, coach gymnastics and do gymnastics.

I also bike, go rock climbing, ice skate, golf, water ski. And I want to start snowboarding this winter.

I love watching hockey. My favorite team is the Univeristy of Wisconsin - I went to school there.

Gluten-Free since September 15, 2005.

Peanut-Free since July 2006.

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