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  1. I would get those maybe 4 times a year back before I went gluten free in July 2019. And low B1 did show up on one of my blood tests. But I never had any tests done while I had the sores in my mouth...
  2. Why do they call these pollutants "organic"? I thought organic meant stuff was free of pesticides? I think this term probably confuses a lot of people. I know I was trying to explain it to a friend the other day. Because these days when you see the word Organic you think of organic food that hopefully...
  3. I don't use cutting boards, colanders, condiments, etc. And my pot is new and there never was any wheat products in it. It only had meat, eggs or veggies in my 2 pots and I bought them new about a year ago. I can't eat sunflower seeds because I can't find any that are not on shared lines...
  4. I need to eat bananas every day to get my potassium and magnesium. If I don't eat 2 or 3 each day I get the jerky leg and then I can't sleep so I can't cut those out. And I can only skip milk for maybe 2 days and then my teeth will get achy. It's my source of calcium and vitamin D. ...
  5. Hi. I'm new here and just joined. I've been suffering this past month with gas and bloating that just simply won't go away.. it all started when I went to my allergist and she decided to run a celiac blood test. The thing is before she said that I had been gluten free for 10 days and before that...