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Calling All "old Timers"

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I will be gluten free for 5 years in July. Before going gluten free, I had panic attacks, borderline agoraphobia, anticipatory anxiety plus diarrhea nearly every night, joint problems, stomach cramping nearly all the time. The one food I thought was ok for me to eat, toast, turned out to be one of my worst villians. I was very overweight, being one of the celiacs that didn't lose. After I went gluten free, within 3 months I was off the 40 mg of paxil I had been taking for years, the stomach cramping was reduced greatly--diarrhea very rarely. The thing that meant the most to me, I was able to drive 800 miles to meet my sweetheart--there was a day when 20 miles was out of the question. Now I live in New York, I work fulltime, extremely rare for me to have panic attacks and I really do feel much better. I won't tell you that things are great. I have developed an intolerance to soy, corn, and tomatoes. From my 25 years, at least, of no diagnosis, I now have peripheral neuropathy throughout my entire body and I did go through early menopause, which is fine with me. Just as someone else said, my hair grows so fast now too. My life is so much better now, not perfect, but so much better. Deb

Your HAIR grows faster now??? I haven't heard that before! Interesting....



Enterolab 1/2006

IgA & tTg Positive

DQ2-0201 (celiac) and DQ1-0604 (gluten)

Casein IgA positive

Mom has 2 celiac genes

Both kids have a celiac gene.

Lots of celiac disease in my family, both sides.

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I'd love to encourage you!! However, if you read many of my posts you'll find that I'm not a very "good" celiac...so don't follow my example! :) I've had celiac sprue for 21 years (I'm 22 now). I don't remember much of the hard times. I do remember being so left out in school. Whenever kids had birthdays and they'd bring cupcakes - I could never eat one. (My mom always gave me a "special" treat when I got home though.) And I always had to bring a lunch from home - to this day I won't eat yogurt because I had it so many days in high school. I remember one time when my family went camping - my mom had made pancakes (a couple gluten-free for me and regular for the rest of the family) and was warming them up on the little portable grill thing...and she accidently mixed one of mine with one of my dad's. I was soooo sick that whole day. It was awful! that had to be atleast 10 years ago though.

So, now for the encouraging! It's been easier for me because I don't "know any different" with a lot of things. I think bread is disgusting! So I can't really sympathize with having to get rid of foods that you once loved. But I can tell you that it gets easier - you find your favorites and you stick to them! I'm always looking for something new out on the market that's gluten-free. As for stomach pains - yes, they will lessen over time (I believe anyway). I have found lately that I can cheat with what I eat and not have immediate painful effects. I have a 19 mo. old daughter and I quite frequently sample what she's munching on (like goldfish crackers)....and I think my BM's have stayed pretty normal still. I don't think everyone will be able to do that - after all it has been 21 years for me. But, I am living proof that it's possible to really LIVE and have celiac at the same time. (I used to never ever ever cheat...and I was able find things I loved and stay healthy.) Just be careful but get creative! Don't be afraid to try new (but safe) foods...and hopefully your intollerances/allergy list doesn't grow any more. (I'm only allergic to gluten - so I guess I'm lucky... though until reading all the posts I never realized it.) Good luck - and don't get too discouraged - everyone is here to help when needed!

Diagnosed by biopsy with Celiac at age 1 in 1984.

No other health problems.

Hubby - no health problems.

Mallory (2 year old daughter) - no known health problems at this time.

Hannah (born 04/02/07) - no problems yet!

Family - no one diagnosed with Celiac - ever - to our knowledge. (Lucky me!)

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