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Kc Masterpiece Bbq Sauce?

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In case people look at this in regards to Wal-Mart chickens, I have some insight there. My husband works at a Wal-Mart and spend 1-2 days a week in the deli. He told me in no uncertain terms that regardless of ingredients that due to handling procedures he would never let me anywhere near one of their chickens. They simply could never be considered safe no matter the ingredients. And I understand the irony of this statement since I'm married to a Wal-Mart employee, but lets face it, how seriously do you expect a Wal-Mart employee to take food safety and CC when there is no point to avoid it? They aren't making any sort of claim about their chickens.


Also, this is a good reminder to always always always check product information from manufacturers. While this website can be a good resource, using it as your source of information for whether or not products are gluten free when the information is readily available from the manufacturer just isn't particularly safe. The packages and company websites will be the first to note a change that makes something unsafe for us, there is no point in someone getting sick because they just didn't look further than here.

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