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  1. My apologies if I'm dredging up old topics and messing with the natural order of things... I found this forum while doing a search for Splitt. I am not gluten-intolerant, or anything of the like. I am an apprentice chef, and have worked with one of the kitchen managers at another restaurant. I will be working with him starting on Sunday. I may be able to provide another look at the place, a new perspective to help people make up their minds. I know for a fact that things are changing, and have changed since May. As a somewhat experimental project, I believe that there may have been some problems in the past. If anyone has any questions about the place, feel free to email me at for any information you would like. I will attempt to check this board again, but it might slip my mind (that's why I gave you the e-mail address). But I am willing to talk about it with anyone. Best Wishes!