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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. bluejaywolf added a post in a topic Celiac And Other Auto-immune Diseases   

      I am new here and I am curious if anyone has Celiac and also developed a blood disorder also auto-immune. I have been diagnosised with LA antibody. It is a lupus antibody that is a clotting disorder. I do not have Lupus the disease that is different. I have also been told that when you have one auto-immune disease you are highly likely to develope another and so not sure which came first. This blood disorder was found by accident during my pre-screening blood tests for surgery. I now have to be on a blood thinner as if not I am high risk to develop a stroke. At first it was thought to have been caused by using Quinnine Sulphate for my nocturnal leg cramps but I have been off now almost a year and still have the clotting disorder so now the theory is that once an auto-immune response is started it does not go away. Such as Celiac once activated it will always be there and one can only hope for control by being strick with diet.
      I am having a hard time finding infomation of this combination. I developed a lactose intolerance with the celiac disease and was also told this is common as when the villi in the bowel is gone and is flat the lactose cannot be digested properly so therefore the intolerance. A dietician says once I have good control of the celiac and the bowel heals I may be able to tolerate some lactose again but will have to be well healed for that. I still have trouble with hidden glutten so still get into trouble .
      So anyone have this too???? let me know Celiac is not all that simple I see as everyone seems to develope all kinds of different side effects.
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