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  1. Yes! I'm sorry, I should have posted those. Thanks for responding! Antigliadin Ab IgA 0-4 Negative = 0-4 Positive = >4 Antigliadin Ab IgG 0-9 Negative = 0-9 Positive = >9 t-Transglutaminase IgA 0-3 Negative = 0-3 Weak positive = 4-10 Positive = >10
  2. I got my blood test results back today, but I have NO CLUE if I'm interpreting them right. My doctor isn't in until Monday, and he admitted to me that he has never diagnosed anyone with Celiac before and doesn't know much about it so I don't think he's going to be much help anyway. Here's what my test results said: Antigliadin Ab, IgA = 2 Antigliadin Ab IgG = 4 t-Transglutaminase = <1 So clueless. Anyone who has had the test before can you please help me determine what these numbers mean? THANK YOU!