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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. This is so helpful, thanks for the question! stomach cramping and lots of belly music bloated like a beached whale Intestinal cramping fatigue Nausea the next morning with lots of D that makes me feel wiped out very anxious,weepy, and crabby with a dose of helplessness sometimes (I have a tendency to think the worst and go to a fear place when it all starts) My feet are warm and My hands also get cold and clammy-yuk! Sometimes a headache will follow Loss of appetite and/or fear of food develops Joint and muscle pain
  3. I have been facinated by food since I was 12 and asked for my first mixer. Going to one of the best culianary schools fulfilled a huge dream for me. I have been a private freelance chef for the past 10 years working on yachts, estates, and travelling with clients. Most recently I held a position for a gentleman as his personal assistant/ chef and kinda maintained his world. He had a bunch of houses all over. I found out 7/06 that I had celiac's and despite taking great measures to protect myself from cc, I couldn't. I had to give up my position and look for other work. I have taken June and July off completely to try and heal. I have had a lot of digestional issues and fatigue. I am hoping to find a client who has celiac's or some other food allergy or maybe working with people to help them help themselves with this frustrating diet. Any ideas would be great! I LOVE cooking, food and eating or at least I used to. I feel like my life used to revolve around food and eating out. Going to new restaurants was literally my favorite hobby. Now I am the chef who became afraid of food! Oh, the irony is rich. If my culinary school professors could see me now. I hope my passion for food will return when I am ready to use it.....and I hope that is sooner than later! Having worked a crappy job or two in my time or having just been unfulfilled with what I was doing, I am a firm believer in, "LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO NOT LOVE WHAT YOU DO!" Make better choices. "TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND FEEL THAT IT MATTERS-WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN?"---K.Graham
  4. Dear Lisa B., I am celiac in Wilmington, NC. Have you heard of any fellow celiacs in this area. I have only been gluten free since Aug 2006 and really haven't found anyone to relate to. Thanks for your help! Have a Happy 4th! Mary Katherine Talley