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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Oh Canada!   

      There is a couple of Canadian producers of "de glutened" oats.

      www.Lame is one of them.

      As for bread and cakes, in Cochrane you can find gluten-free Patisserie.

      Hope that helps

      The Celiac Husband (GOOGLE)
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    2. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Italy!   

      You will be fine. Some of the best gluten free dishes are from italy. Just think, Risotto, Polenta, etc.
      Italy has teh highest screening ratio per capita in the world. They lead the way when it comes to gluten intolerance.

      The Celiac Husband (Google)
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    3. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Mexico   

      maybe not the most customer service orientated place in mexico.....

      If your hotel is not an all inclusive resort, you should be fine venturing outside the compound for great Mexican food. We have been to Mexico numerous times and my wife (the celiac) never got sick.

      Many mexican dishes are made of corn, so you will be safe if you know how to ask for it.

      The Celiac Husband (Google)
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    4. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Traveling To Italy   

      Some of the best Gluten Free things come from italy. Kids get tested for Celiacs before the age of 6, mandatory!

      I surfed up Chow for you, a foodie website, hee is the result:
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    5. theceliachusband added a topic in Gluten-Free International Room (Outside USA)   

      Celiac Conference In Calgary
      So tomorrow is the big annual conference for the Calgary chapter of the Canadian celiacs Association.
      The exciting part about it is the attached trade show with some intersting vendors.
      There are 400 registered attendees, pretty amazing if you ask me.

      Will post an update after the weekend.

      The Celiac Husband (Google)
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    6. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Oh Canada!   

      Those Fairs look pretty interesting. I googled some of the exhibitors, very good stuff some of them have.

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    7. theceliachusband added a topic in Gluten-Free International Room (Outside USA)   

      Calgary Chapter Regional Conference
      Calgary Chapter Regional Conference
      Saturday 25 October 2008
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    8. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Bulk Xanthan Gum In Canada   

      My wife now bakes gluten free commercially, so we realy needed a HUGE container......we had to order 25KG of that gum to get a comercially viable price.
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    9. theceliachusband added a topic in Gluten-Free International Room (Outside USA)   

      Bulk Xanthan Gum In Canada
      So. Xanthan is a great little helper when baking gluten free.
      The fun stops if you do the math. As my wife bakes a lot, we figured out that Xanthan sets her back around 60.00/kg.

      Any info as to where you buy it and for how much?


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    10. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Oh Canada!   

      Holidays are coming to an end....there are more posts again in some topics.

      Not much new, I am off to Europe for a while, back to Calgary mid September.
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    11. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Can I Take gluten-free Bread Into Canada?   

      On the way to Banff/Jasper, if you drive and got time, stop in Cochrane. About 35 minutes west of Calgary.
      There you can find a small place where they offer 100% gluten free baked goods like breads, cakes and pastries.
      G.F. PATISSERIE, 122 - 3rd Avenue West

      Open Wednesday to Saturday. Sunday's they sell at the Bearspaw Farmers Market.
      Email: ame

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    12. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Possible Relocation To Germany   

      Here is a super blog post for Germany and Austria for you:
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    13. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Moving To Another Country To Start A New Life   

      CANADA, EH? Come on up, lots of space and good quality of life.

      I am from Austria and lived in quite a few place around the planet in my life. US included (6 years in Vegas). My wife is Canadian, hence my current home base. Every country has pros and cons, but if you don't try, you will never find out. I'd say you got a good 5 years before you need to think about school for your boy, so just do it.
      NO GUTS, NO GLORY. Set your priorities first, then decide on a country. I joined Club Med @ 18 and they gave me the bug. Every 6 month a different place, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc. Later in the Hospitality industry and a few cruise ships further made me go from spot to spot.

      I personally loved living in the US, warts and all included. Your healthcare system is a bit screwey, but where there is a will there is a way. No other country in this world (Canada being the exception) will give you the opportunity "to make it" like the USA. But sometimes it takes a "leave of absence" for a few years to see how good your life is back home...

      Visit this site for all sorts of information on your dreams:

      Good luck.
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    14. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Possible Relocation To Germany   


      Those are the two words to translate gluten free and celiacs disease I think.

      For research purposes (my wife is opening a gluten-free bakery & pastry shop), I surfed around the net in Germany, to see how they do it.

      There are some options available and I am sure many more I did not find.

      Schaer, widely available in drug marts, like the DM chain. Soso stuff, we ate some on our last trip to Austria.

      Hammermuehle, a corn producer, they have a shop near Frankfurt I think.

      But the best I could find while surfing was an actual Baeckermeister, Thomas Kaufman, who dedicated his craft to gluten free bread. We exchanged some emails since and he is really into his bakery, which when it comes to gluten-free is so important. Passion for quality is it. He ships via his website. Here is his website. Under "links" you can find a whole list of celiac related websites in Germany.

      Just so you know, Italy is the the most advanced country when it comes to Celiacs screening. Every child before school age gets tested. Italy is not far from Germany at all and you can find tons and tons of gluten-free products there as well.
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    15. theceliachusband added a post in a topic Oh Canada!   

      Guten Tag,

      I am from Austria originally, moved here in 1995. Love it in Canada. Stay in touch.


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