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  1. Soy

    Thanks! and thanks for explaining. I like to know those little details and that's why I love this board. You're terrific. Christy
  2. Soy

    Thanks Carla, No, he's not allergic to soy. I knew soy sauce was a problem. Here's where I get confused. My understanding is that soy sauce is out because it was derived from wheat. Maybe not? Soy by itself is OK then and soybeans are fine too.. if he wants SILK (or soy milk)? Sometimes I feel like we've got it all down pat and other times I'm completely second guessing myself. Thanks. Christy
  3. I'm a bit confused or totally bummed. With the new labeling laws, I'm seeing soy in things I never used to.. like Turkey Hill mint chocolate chip ice cream and Lays Stax. I know soy sauce is out but is soy lechtin a problem? Is anything labeled with soy as an allergin a problem? My son is asymptomatic so any clarfication would help. Thanks. Christy