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  1. I've been experimenting with my bread making for a couple years now. On a recent trip to Buffalo, NY I visited a restaurant that had gluten-free items on the menu and even served dinner rolls. Well, that made me more try a couple more things. I found that adding garlic, onion, pepper and even oregano made the bread much more enjoyable (although with garlic it wasn't the best in the morning with jelly!!). I've also been taking the bread dough out of the bread maker and rolling it into balls and then I allow them to rise (I even make a pan of small rolls and larger rolls for sandwiches). Since I'm only making the rolls for me, they don't have to look pretty -- and some have been very different! I've found that they don't dry out as quickly, you can make a sandwich with them (sliced bread always crumbled while eating after only one day). I also toss them in a ziploc bag and into the freezer and they seem to do better than sliced bread. I've been using the same recipe as I was using for a loaf of bread and I'm much happier being able to eat an almost real sandwich! My brother, who is in denial of having celiac, even loved the rolls during his christmas visit (his 3rd helping let me know he enjoyed them).