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    I'm a PhD student so my advisor would probably want me to say research, research and research but...The Environment, Camping, Guitar (Mostly Grunge - I'm a product of the 90's, what can I say? :) ), Traveling, Reading (Scandinavian & Russian History, Music Bios, but all sorts of stuff really).
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  1. I was also wondering if a group ever got started up because I would definitely be interested in joining. I was diagnosed not too long ago. I'm a grad student at UF so I would be interested in one on campus or off.
  2. I'm a grad student at UF and was recently diagnosed. I thought for sure UF would have a support group, since even their on-campus convenience store now has a gluten-free shelf, but I could not find one. I know these posts are old but I was wondering if anything got started up at UF or in Gainesville in general and if not, if anyone would still be interested?