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  1. Hi, I'm brand new here and have to say I hope somebody can identify with me! I'm 53 and only now discovered that I have an acid reflux problem! I have had chronic stomach issues all my life. As a newlywed, I would have to sit up in bed to burp in order not to throw up. I just thought it was the way I was. Two years ago I started a gluten free diet (or nearly) and that helped with the severe constipation and nausea. Then about a year ago, I started drinking Kroger decaffeinated coffee and that seemed to cause stomach aches. Also, I take a little Ambien at night and I'm wondering if that is causing me to fall asleep with an upset stomach, making the acid reflux worse. I had a scope test and two swollen nodules and am on a month's worth of Omeprazole before another scope test. Has anyone else been confused between gluten and acid reflux? I would be thrilled to know I'm not just plain dumb!