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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to FREE email alerts What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease? - list blood tests, endo with biopsy, genetic test and enterolab (not diagnostic) Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes Where can I buy gluten-free stuff? Support this site by shopping at The Store.

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  1. My mom, brother and I have been diagnosed with celiac for a while now (3+ years) and my mom has seriously MASTERED cooking gluten free (and she actually has corn, soy and sugar allergies as well).  She seriously is an amazing cook.  As you know eating out, even the many "gluten free" options, isn't fun.  You never know if you are going to go home feeling sick for weeks because of cross contamination.  I have found a few restaurants that I can eat at without feeling sick, but everywhere else we either eat before hand or bring our own food.  You know the deal.   Anyways, we want to offer a solution to the "gluten free" option by starting a certified gluten free food truck with some of my mom's best recipes.  The food truck idea is taking off here in salt lake city and I was just wondering if you know of any 100% gluten free food truck businesses that have been successful since you know a lot of the gluten free scene.  I have been trying to do some research to see if this has been done before and if it can be successful.  Obviously I think it can be successful because if I knew of one in my area I would go there all the time just for convenience and for not having to make my food ALL the time.  It gets so old.  
  2. I never really had much heartburn before my diagnosis of Celiac and consequent dietary changes. But since then, I have discovered Udis, Van's, Canyon Bakehouse, and many other gluten-free brands. About a year ago I began eating 2 waffles every day, 7 days a week with my breakfast. The waffles I was eating were Nature's Path and Van's, both which use very high amounts of sodium acid pyrophosphate. The waffles are mostly air and carbs. Within a few weeks I began to develop recurrent, very painful heartburn that would popup constantly. My tolerance for acidic foods declined--whereas previously it would take much more acidic foods to cause heartburn, now any amount, no matter how small, would cause heartburn. And it kept getting worse with each month to the point that I began to worry about my health. I developed GERD that wouldn't go away for 24 hours after eating an offending food. The offending foods list kept growing bigger and bigger to the point that almost anything would cause heartburn and some degree of GERD. So I eliminated almost all foods containing sodium acid pyrophosphate and the heartburn and GERD stopped. I can eat tomato-based foods again with either no discomfort or 5% of the discomfort I used to experience, and I can eat foods on the offending food list again with no heartburn at all. Despite searching the internet for hours for an answer to what was causing my heartburn and GERD, I found nothing definitive and had to figure it out on my own. Did you know there is absolutely nothing at all anywhere on the internet connecting sodium acid pyrophosphate with hearburn? To my knowledge this will be the first ever post on the topic on the entire internet. Either that, or both Google and DuckDuckGo are suppressing the information. Also, did you know that sodium acid pyrophosphate is an ingredient found in almost all aluminum-free baking powder? That's what I get for trying to eliminate aluminum! I am making the switch to single-action aluminum-free baking powder soon--single-action doesn't have this ingredient, but it's less convenient to use unfortunately. I'm interested to hear if it causes anyone else heartburn as well. I'm glad to be heartburn-free and comfortable for the first time in a year.
  3. hello Me and my family are brand new dog owners and we have had our dog Lucy for a week today, my mother and brother have celiac so we had to buy gluten free dog food to keep my brother and mother from getting sick, we've been using natural balance gluten free dog food for about a week now and yesturaday my mother informed me that on the back of the bag in the ingredients it said that it had oats in it, which is something that my mother and brother cant have because of the allergy. We are now on the look for a new food that truthfully doesn't contain and gluten or wheat inside, do you have any recommendations? thanks,Alexa
  4. Gluten Free Yucatan, Mexico

    Hello, i'm going to be traveling with my Celiac husband to the Yucatan later this year. We'll be spending several nights in Valladolid, Mexico (where we will have a kitchen,) one night in Merida (with no kitchen) and a week in Tulum (also no kitchen.) I'm not worried about Tulum, where there seem to be lots of gluten free options. I'm wondering if anyone has tips on Mecxico, but especially the Yucatan in general, and particularly for Valladolid and Merida. We're hoping to eat out at some wonderful authentic restaurants. I know lots of Mexican food is naturally gluten free, but of course don't want my husband to get sick on our trip. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've posted on here before and everyone's input was definitely helpful so I thought I'd do it again.   I'm 22 and I was diagnosed with celiac via an endoscopy biopsy a year ago.  After a couple of months of going gluten free, I was feeling really great and, dare I say, pretty close to being back to "normal."  So from about January to July I was feeling well, other than once or twice when I was accidentally glutened.  However, around July this past summer, I started having stomach problems again, including cramps, diarrhea, bloating and heartburn (which I never had heartburn until I got celiac).   These symptoms are milder than when I had undiagnosed celiac, occurring 1 to 3 times a week, rather than almost every day like before.  But still, they are pretty similar symptoms.  I take immodium and bentyl pretty regularly, maybe overuse of the meds is messing me up. I got another round of labs done about 2 months ago, and everything came back normal.  Thinking it might be another food allergy, I visited an allergist and they did skin tests and did not find anything.  I am not having any histamine reactions, either, but I never really have from the get go.  Of course, the allergist said that he could not really do much testing, otherwise, as blood work would not detect anything food related.  He pretty much advised to take foods out of my diet to see how I'm feeling and try to narrow it down.   As careful as I am, I know there is a risk of cross contamination.  However, I didn't think I was THAT sensitive, as back in the winter I accidentally drank a sip of regular beer thinking it was my own, and felt fine the net day.  So I figured that a teeny tiny amount did not really affect me.  I am slightly frustrated in that I was feeling really well and out of nowhere I started slipping back again.   I have read articles that say that a celiac's stomach is never fully healed, but they always seem gimmicky and promote a really specific diet.  I am skeptical when reading things like, "gluten free diets alone don't work."  But, I can't deny that I am still having issues.   I am definitely willing to alter my diet in terms of eating more clean, but realistically I don't think I could ever go 100% clean.  I eat pretty well already but, like everyone, I enjoy junk food once in a while and love dining out once a month or so.  At this point, the next step is for me to go back to the gastro, but I wanted to see if I was maybe missing something or not thinking about something else that may be causing this.   Basically I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to this and if it was due to diet, or maybe another related gastrointestinal disorder.  I am also not sure about which foods to test out removing from my diet.  I went dairy free for a while and I was still having the same issues.  Has anyone had their sensitivity increase after being gluten free for a few months?  Is there a factor I could be neglecting to take into consideration?  Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.    
  6. I am diagnosed Celiac and am really new to the gluten-free diet. I am confused about cross-contamination. I wanted to get opinions on Edy’s/Dryer’s ice cream (They are the same brand. They just have different names depending on where you live). I emailed Edy’s/Dryer’s and asked about gluten. They said that it’s usually only the obvious flavors that contain gluten, but sometimes it can be in other ingredients. They use shared lines and make no claims about how well they might clean them between flavors (if they do). They emailed me a list of flavors and indicated only two they felt they could claim are gluten-free: slow churned french silk and slow churned neopolatin. I do not care for those flavors. The obvious ones with gluten (cookies, etc.) had a definite for containing gluten. The majority of the flavors on the list were listed as TBD: “We currently cannot make any claims about gluten-free for this product.” The flavors I am interested in eating are the cup size version of slow churned mint chocolate chip and the cup size version of grand peanut butter cup. I did not see any ingredients in those two that looked like they might contain gluten. Would you eat the products or would you be worried about cross-contamination? I don’t know how picky I need to be about cross-contamination. Thank you.
  7. Ok so I'm a 16 year old guy who has never been diagnosed with anything bad before. In fact I've been healthy all my life. But recently I started to develop these symptoms that were bothering me and I looked up on them and they really got in to this celiac diesese . I'll list them below  •abdominal pain in the middle and upper and under the left rib cage.  •chest pains that Are brief. On the far left of my chest almost under my armpit.  •excessive gas that is really smelly. •headaches  •feeling tired all the time every other day •hunger feeling in chest almost like when someone says their stomach is growling. Thata pretty much all I can think of right now but I was wondering if I could survive if I have it by going full gluten free? I'm pretty scared  and I can't goto my doc right now (I heard they aren't useful that much in the category anyways) because my health insurance went out and doesn't get renewed until next month. Should I go ahead and start the gluten free diet? If I do wouldnt that effect the test but does that matter? I would like to discuss this with some really friendly people  I'm pretty worried also tho to  so if some people could talk to me about this it would be awesome! and greatly appreciated!!!!    
  8. I'm new to this site but have been using a lot lately trying to solve the mystery of my illness. I've been sick for over 4 years. I've had stomach problems my whole life but 4 years ago I woke up one morning sicker than I've ever been in my life and all these years since I have not fully better. I was tested for everything the doctor could think of, I went for tests twice a week for two months. But I don't remember them ever testing me for Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, or even mentioning it's existence. The doctor told me that the stomach problems were being caused by anxiety and he referred me to a psychiatrist. I was put on Lamictal, Remeron, and Ativan and they helped with the anxiety, but not with the stomach problems. Going back to the doctor they ran more tests which all came back negative, and they said I may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms I have are much more severe than any IBS sufferer I can think of. I gave up on doctors and decided to try a gluten free diet to see what would happen. It definitely changed the way I'd been feeling, but I can't tell if it's better or worse. For 4 months after going gluten free I got worse. Much worse. So I did some research on gluten free food and realized half the stuff I'd been eating wasn't gluten free. I also have lactose intolerance, so that makes things more difficult food-wise. I also realized that I needed a separate toaster and microwave and cookware, etc. to prevent cross-contamination. So I've been truly gluten free for only a month or two. But then a few weeks ago I ate some candy I assumed was gluten free but was not. I lost 20 pounds in 4 days and I was so sick I couldn't do anything but sit and watch TV. So sick I couldn't sleep for two nights straight. I've been better from that gluten poisoning for a couple weeks but every so often I get a wave of symptoms that lasts a couple of hours then goes away. The other thing I noticed when I went gluten-free is that I don't get sick immediately after eating anymore (most of the time anyway). I can eat a meal and not feel horrible afterward. The downside is that since I've gone gluten free I've woken up in the morning and started dry heaving a few times. That never happened before I went gluten-free. I also can't seem to get rid of a constant feeling of hunger that sometimes gets to the point of making me feel ill. I don't know if all these symptoms are normal, but it can't all be caused by anxiety either. No doctor can find anything wrong with me in the past 4 years. The gluten-free diet is my last hope of getting better. I'd love to hear suggestions, comments, shared experiences. Wondering if anyone with Celiac has experienced these problems. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Let me introduce myself. You can call me MK. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 6 years ago. I found the complete life change to be a major challenge, as would anyone. I admit, I never really fully was able to, leading to many health issues and many stays in the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis. Then, to make matters even worse, about a year and a half ago, I was tested and it was confirmed that I have Celiac’s Disease. I have yet to eliminate gluten from my diet. I have made many attempts to do it, but I fall off the band wagon every time. Now to top things off. I lost my job over the summer and found myself living out of my car. I managed to find a part time job, but that barely pays for the car itself. I have to buy food on the fly, since there is nowhere to store food and nowhere to even cook it. This, as you can imagine, limits my options to the point where I don’t even know what to do. I eat anything I can, whenever it is possible. If I eat over another person’s house, I take what I can get. It is wreaking havoc on my intestines and my digestive tract. It has become a nightmare. Recently, my mother has been letting me stay on her couch, which opens up some possibilities for me to finally start getting myself straight. Although she buys a lot of bread and gluten full products, I have been talking to her about trying to work with me and buy some better options for me. That can get expensive and neither she nor I can truly afford to do it. Everything I have seen for sale that is gluten free, such as bread, pasta, etc., is way out of our very limited budget. I need to fix this, though. I need to get healthy or I am afraid I will die. Not even exaggerating. I need some support and didn’t know where else to look. I found this place and was hoping I could maybe find some help and advice. Or even just an ear (or a set of eyes?) to turn to. Thanks in advance. MK
  10. Hi, I'm trying to collect recommendations of restaurants and places that you had visited and enjoyed a really good gluten free food/service in New York City. I would really appreciate if you could write me your recommendations. Please let me know if it was totally gluten free or it may have traces of gluten. Thanks a lot
  11. I just got a box of Cheerios for the rest of the family, and they say "gluten-free".  Which made me wonder how did they do it?  I react to oats, ironic after eating 3 bowls of Cheerios every day for 30 years, so I avoid them, even gluten-free, but I was curious.  Did they actually use gluten-free oats, and would there be sufficient supply?  Wouldn't they have to raise the price?  On the back of the box they explain: they SORT the oats from conventional fields to remove wheat, rye, and barley.  Okay, that's probably done by computer, and I've seen enough of those "how it's made" shows to know that they can do it rapidly, using puffs of air to knock the offending grains out of the line, but how rigorous is this?  I have to assume that they wouldn't claim it to be gluten-free unless they were pretty sure about it, but would you eat them?
  12. So I have allergies to shellfish and peanuts and have noticed that my sensitivity has been getting a lot worse.  I have kept a food diary to track my dizziness/zone out moments along with my food intake.  It all comes down to gluten. Now that I have been 4 days gluten free I feel almost 100% better.    Except the dreaded pizza. I am an addict for pizza (Hello Pizza Anonymous)  Despite several warnings I ordered Domino's gluten free and boy am I paying for it. As I'm writing this I'm sitting at work doubled over in pain with my stomach gurgling.    I plan on trying a gluten free pizza crust out of cauliflower but still. pizza. I am also avoiding all posts about withdrawals from gluten. I'm a recovering addict (Woot!) but that also means I know how horrible this could possibly be.    Any advice on making this transition easier??
  13. I have just been prescribed Vimovo and am curious if anyone else has had to take it and had good success with it as far as actually working and being gluten free.  I am coming up empty handed and it will be tomorrow before I can call the mfg regarding it gluten content (if any).  I saw a post from back in 2014 about Vimovo and it was somewhat saying it was OK, but was wondering if anyone else has had any success.
  14. Top tips for celiac travel

    Hi there, I have been gluten free since my celiac diagnosis exactly a month ago. I have a trip to Costa Rica coming up and I am trying to plan in advance so I don't get caught hungry or worse - glutened!  I am wondering if you would share your top three travel tips (or more) to help with my planning.  Thanks in advance! Ash
  15. Hi there, just wanted to share this great new app i have found for travelling - its a multi-lingual App in voice and text with 14 languages to help when explaining that you are celiac when eating out! I travel a lot with work and have used it a couple of times now. Its been really helpful and made things so much easier when trying to explain that i cant eat gluten, tn restaurants that only speak basic English -  hope it is useful for you too!      
  16. Being Celiac, I have taught myself how to bake using gluten free ingredients and i want to share my recipes with as many as i can so that people can realise it's not all bad and we can eat yummy things too! I'm also a small/new YouTuber and i have made a gluten free halloween cupcake recipe video, for any one that may want to check it out here's the link I'd really appreciate any feedback! Thank you  Georgia x   
  17. Hi, I am hoping to get some insight.  I have a 13 month old daughter who has just been diagnosed with failure to thrive.  She was born late and weighed 3.1 kilos. Quite normal. Up until about 7 months she was positing quite often (more then just spit up) and coughing incessantly . I brought her to the drs quite a few times because I was so worried about this dry cough.( 9 months they thought possibly Cystic Fibrosis but luckily thats been ruled out). Her poos were also quite explosive and slimy but I chalked this up to exclusively breastfeeding and her shots.  Other than that she was a very content baby. She still is content and happy and meeting her milestones, except for her weight and height.  She is the size of an average 7 month old. I exclusively breastfed her until about 7 months until when she managed to pick up a croissant dropped by another child and began teething on it.  I decided to give her croissants thereafter along with the normal first baby foods.  From that point on, she's stopped growing but that was unnoticed until about 9 months.  Anyway, since I'm not gluten sensitive I kept eating gluten and breastfeeding her but I did take her off of gluten.  I noticed that her poos thickened a bit sometimes but all the food that she did ingest comes out EXACTLY the way it looked going in.  Even in color.  I decided to mash half of her food and keep half cut up because she preferred the finger foods and even the mash came out the same color!  From 9 months to 12 months I did strictly gluten-free for her and most of the time for myself but she never put on weight!  She then was given a handful of cheerios by mistake and 20 minutes after she had a full body rash that lasted a week!  (we cannot confirm if its from the wheat because she had tofu (soy) for the first time the night before.  She then had the blood test but all came back negative though she was tested for gluten without having gluten....Finally we are currently seeing a paediatric GI specialist and he's asked me and her to stop eating Dairy and Gluten for 6 weeks. He suspects she might be celiac.  MY QUESTION: Can my small amounts of eating gluten (4 small random servings a week)  create failure to thrive in a celiac baby?  As a side note, when I was pregnant with her I could not stomach gluten foods (bread, crackers, pasta, etc - any relation?)  Thank you!!
  18. We have all been warned about tricksy stunts included in fine print.  We all know someone who has been duped by a some technical legal speak.  But what about the in your face statements that are just plain misleading?  When it comes to gluten free statements, errors whether accidental or intentional can be harmful.  The sad thing is that as more companies want a piece of the gluten-free pie, not all companies take due diligence in understanding gluten-free.   Just yesterday I experienced this not once but twice!! My friend brought over a box of meatballs that said in big letters on the front GLUTEN FREE…luckily I read the back label.  The ingredient list for the meatballs was gluten-free, but the separate mango sauce ingredients clearly identified wheat as an ingredient.  What if she had not brought the box?  What if I had not double checked and just believed the marketing? How could this product be labeled gluten-free if everything in the box was not actually gluten free?  This is poor and dangerous marketing. Later I was shopping online for a gift basket and "Oh joy!" the company had a link to their gluten-free products.  Unfortunately, the statements made on their webpage were clearly done by someone who had a limited understanding of celiac needs.  I was very angered, not because it misled me, but these kind of errors mislead the well-meaning friends and family who sometimes don't quite "get the gluten thing".   Following is my letter to the company: I am disturbed by what you have written about your gluten-free offerings.  Your description gives me ZERO confidence that your products are actually gluten free.  I and two of my daughters are Celiacs.  Your ignorance and misinformation in your write-up distinctly says you do not understand gluten free.  First of all, you say that your funnel cakes are 100% celiac-free…WHAT?  They are either "Celiac-Safe" or "Gluten-Free".  Then you go on to say that the lucky gift recipient doesn't HAVE to be gluten-intolerant…WHAT?  Like we can decide to just not be gluten sensitive.  Its an autoimmune disease!  Would you advise other autoimmune sufferers similar advice…juvenile arthritis-you don't have to avoid sugar… MS-you can control your muscles if you choose... rheumatoid arthritis-you can master the swelling and disfiguration of your joints...alopecia-you don't have to be bald… If you think these statements sound ridiculous then think what you are saying to celiacs and especially our friends or family who may want to purchase a well meaning gift but are misadvised by your marketing rhetoric.   Your statements leave me with three varying degrees of thought: #1 your company is insensitive,  (or worse yet) #2 your company is ignorant (or worst case of all) #3 your company is deliberately negligent.  It would be great to get a response from your company and even better if your company fixes the egregious error on its webpage. I hope that those who continue to speak up can make a difference for the entire gluten-free community.  We have already seen strides in laws and labeling, but I advise everyone to always read the fine print…our bodies do!
  19. It's Just One Cookie!

    My first blog takes me back 5 years ago when my youngest daughter started her freshman year of high school.  She had been diagnosed Celiac  for 5 years at this point, by now I was sure my daughter had come to terms with her restrictive diet.  She was happy-go-lucky Madeline, ever smiling, always positive, living every day with joy. Little did I suspect that the social acceptance of being a young gluten-free teen was secretly troubling her and it was about to burst forth in a profusion of tears and sudden flight from her classroom.  All because of just one cookie! Nobody wants to read the minutiae of a teenager's day, so I will sum up the event.  Choir class of 100 students, dozens of cookies left over from an evening event, the class is all offered cookies. A hundred girls each enjoy one delicious cookie while one girl sits among them with nothing.  Madeline politely approached the choir teacher and asked if she could get something from the choir store since she couldn't have a cookie, at which the teacher replied, "Madeline it's just one cookie!" [insert gushing tears and dramatic stage right here] Two class periods later, the oldest sister, Claire, enters the choir room.  Claire is a gifted singer, little miss detail and unofficial teacher helper…she is also a Celiac.  The choir director is concerned about Madeline's meltdown and speaks to Claire asking if her little sister is always so emotional over things as insignificant as "Just One Cookie".  Claire's response is spot on.  "Sir, you don't understand, its not just one cookie…its one cookie yesterday, one cookie today, one cookie tomorrow, and the day after that and after that and after that…it will never be just one cookie for her!" Four years later at Madeline's graduation party, one of her fellow graduates (also a Celiac) came up and hugged me and said. "Mrs. Wilson I have been looking forward to Madeline's party all week because I knew you would have Gluten-Free cake.  This is the only piece of graduation cake I will get to have."  Wow!  She, too, was longing to fully participate, to have the same experience as everyone else.  All I could do was hug her, congratulate her on her graduation, and ask if she would like me to wrap up an extra piece for a rainy day.   Over the years I had gone to great lengths to ensure my girls were fully included in sleepovers, cookouts, and pizza parties because sharing food and drink is the most common form of social ritual, an intrinsic part of feeling included.  I found that when it comes to a gluten-free lifestyle, its never been about "Just One Cookie".
  20. After reading the label on the bottle of New Chapter bone strength tablets I see it contains wheat but they maintain that through a fermentation process they render it gluten-free and our FDA approves.  Everything I have ever read said distillation will remove gluten from the final product but not fermentation.  Any thoughts would be welcome    thanks, pasquale
  21. Hi all, I posted a similar posting over in the research forum but thought it may be more fitting here: I was diagnosed with celiac disease last year June and have been on a strict diet ever since. However since about a month after my diagnosis and diet change I have experienced am onset of ocd and anxiety. I am on topamax and lamictal for unclarified migraine / epileptic type symptoms (not seizures) and have been for a few years : Is it possible that since going gluten free the medicine is absorbed differently (I.e more purely?)I have long suspected that I may be suffering from some form of hypothyroidism, but I have had repeated tests and now just had a full panel - which returned normal. I've been thinking about trying slippery elm to try repair stomach lining / villi, because I believe my medicine dosage may be too high now, and slippery elm may put the absorption back in line to before I went gluten free (I.e when not much was being absorbed) is this a possibility?  Has anyone else experienced this ? I find doctors don't know much about this stuff. Thanks all,    
  22. Someone is suggesting I take the Nerium  EHT brain supplement for my migraines.  I don't like multi-level marketing, and it doesn't sound like the company is very trustworthy.  Since I also have celiac, I don't want to get glutened.  Any thoughts?
  23. A coworker at my husband's work happened to have celiacs/gluten intolerence/I'm-not-sure-what-but-one-of-the-two. My husband expressed that I suffered, too, and she compiled a list for me of gluten free restaurants. I thought I'd share, though I haven't confirmed all of these, so use with caution. If anyone has confirmed, do let me know. If anyone has any other restaurants that they'd like to add, feel free to comment below.   Applebee's: They have a gluten free menu, but you have to ask for it, and they sometimes have to print it off the computer. (Confirmed).   Red Lobster: They have a good gluten free menu; you have to ask for it, though. (Unconfirmed).   Logan's Roadhouse: A small gluten free menu. (Unconfirmed).   Bubba Gump Shrimp Co: They have a gluten free menu. You have to ask for it. The restaurant I went to in Gatlinburg, TN, even was gracious enough to modify a dish for me by taking out the deep fried shrimp and grilling it instead. However, I think this would depend on the manager (he was a kind man), and there's no guarantee that they clean the grills, either (I'm gluten intolerent, so cross contamination doesn't affect me as much). (Confirmed).   Olive Garden: I was looming over a topic on here about OG, so I'm sure it's nothing new, but they have a gluten free menu, too (Confirmed).   Uno's: Gluten free menu. One of the best I've seen in regards to restaurants. Extensive, and there's choice! (Confirmed).   Chili's: They have a gluten free menu, confirmed through their website (see here). It's at the very bottom.    
  24. Hi everyone,   I'm really concerned about my partner, whom I've been seeing about a year. My partner has asymptomatic celiac disease, and was diagnosed with it about year before I met him. However, he does not follow a gluten free diet. When he first told me, I didn't think much about it, because, honestly I didn't know much about the disease or how serious it can be, and figured that he was dealing with it. We eat out all the time and I've never seen him skimp on the bread or pasta. Obviously after doing some more reading, I've realized how damaging it can be to not follow a gluten-free diet and now I am very concerned.   I have told him that I am really concerned with how this disease will affect him in the future, and asked him why he won't try a gluten free diet. His response is try to change the topic of conversation, or just respond with a vague "deal with it in the future". He has an unrelated autoimmune/metabolic disease which requires a lot of attention to treat and deal with. I have not expressed this to him, but I suspect with the stress of dealing with this other disease, he has trouble seeing any other disease as a priority right now.   I'm wondering if their is anything I can say or do to encourage him to make the change to a gluten free diet. We do not currently live together, and he travels a fair bit for work, so I know that the change really has to come from him. But, does anyone else have an experience like this, or some advice on how I can support my partner?
  25. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 3 weeks ago. I am amazed as numerous symptoms that I didn't know I had are vanishing (post nasal drip, fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, de-yellowing in nail beds, etc.).   After cutting out gluten 100% including in body care and cleaning products, I am noticing that it's much easier for me to gain and sustain muscle, and that my muscle mass is double what it was. I lift weights and do yoga for health (am not a body builder). 6 months ago I had to stop yoga because I could barely get into downward dog without feeling my blood pressure shoot up, so needless to say weight lifting was out too. I couldn't even pick up a 15 pound weight to move it while cleaning the floor.   Has anyone else experienced this miraculous change? I easily see 2X the muscle gain that I did when I was lifting at my heaviest a year ago.