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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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a place for me to talk about living the gluten- free lifestyle

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I heard back from my bishop. here's a link to the blog I posted about when I first talked to him.

He said he did talk to his DIL, she says she takes the smallest peice of bread on the plate. Apparently she supposedly can also manage one oreo once in a while... she is trying to figure out her tolernace level (I'm not even going to ocmment on that!)

He also asked at the bisop's meeting. one of the Bishops actually is gluten intolerant (I wouldn't midn moving to that congergation!) and he brings his own bread, gives it to a deacon, they put it in one of the sacrament water cups, so that it's separate from the other bread, & put it on the bread tray & serve it to him. Being as the bishop always gets to church early, always sits at the same place, and almost always is the first person served, that's a good idea for him.
i really like the cup idea, too. i just don't think it would work for me right now. (i talked about why in the other blog)
So, i told my Bishop what i've been doing, and that that is what i'm comfortable doing for now, and he seemed okay with that. if things ever change, though, I will definately think about the cup idea. :)

Another thing i talked about in that blog was a new Cpap mask. i did get a new one(s)...I was able to get a new one from my medical equip provider for only 50$, plus my mom sent me a couple of spare masks that she had :). So I'm set on that for a while! Oh, and then, come to find out the problem with my mask was that a plastic piece had fallen out, that was it! But it's good i got new ones! i have plenty of spares now!
You know how the grocery stores/ bakeries donate any unsold bakery items to charity??
(trust me, years ago, I benefitted from this a few times).

My neighbor (who doesn't know I have a gluten/ dairy intolerance... I haven't told very many people).

Anywho, i guess she was at a church today, and they had some of these items. (why she was doing something that could probably wait is beyond me...it snowed 7 inches overnight...)

anywho, she picked up this cake & came by & gave it to us.

It's a Victorian White Lace Cake. 8 inches, 2 layers.
very beautiful cake!
White frosting. White rosette on top, complete w/ 3 gold colored leaves. Fancy schmancy.
I'm sitting 2 feet away from it & i can smell the sweet frosting.

This is one of those times where I think it would be easier if I lived by myself. If it weren't for DH, i would give it to someone else just to get it out of the house! (something I've learned to do as a can a long time ago, having been working on loosing weight for 4 years)

But, of course, he wants to try at least one piece. Which i don't blame him for! If I could, i would try one pice...per day, until it's gone :).
But knowing him, getting him to eat the whole thing will be, after he's eaten the 1st piece, an(other) exercise in patiently reminding/ asking him daily until he finally says, you can go ahead & throw it away.

Thankfully, however, we have two chirstmas parties coming up this weekend. Assuming we even go to either/ both of them, i can take any leftovers to the party for everyone else to eat. if anyone questions why some of it is missing, I'm sure i could get away with telling them i had just cut a piece for Tygh.

not to mention that now I have to try to find space for it somewhere in my refrigerator. (which desperately needs to be cleaned out!) ugh...

i knew the holiday treat giving was going to happen. I just didn't know it was going to start so early, and start like this, this year!! oy vey!!!