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Celiac-dealing with it

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Celiac-Deal With It

I remember in the forth grade when a girl who knew I had Celiac,came up to me and put bread in my face,touching my lips and getting some of it in my mouth, she started laughing, then I remember running away crying wondering why someone would do such a thing,I also remember when I was in the 3rd grade a teacher staring at me because instead of bread I just had the meat, and her coming up to me asking why I do that, she didn't mean any harm, she was just curious but she made me feel so bad about myself. My best friend one time jokingly immitated the girl that put bread in my face(not actually touching me but it came very close) I got so mad that a ran out of her house, and I didn't talk to her for a week. My point here is that people who don't have Celiac don't really get what it is like,no matter how hard they try, they wont understand as much as you do, for thoose people out there who maybe just got celiac,it is hard to give up all of thoose food's (i'm guessing) but try being the one who has never tried store bought cupcakes,that was actually what I wanted for my birthday present and my parents had to drive all the way to the other side of the state just to find them, when I got them I was so close to crying.Anyways I have always been that person where they asked why wont you eat this delicous thing like us? I have always sort of been the odd one out, not like people dont like me or im not popular because I am, I have just always felt different in a way, especially when eating, I always forget that I have celiac until lunch or eating over at a friends during a sleepover. I'm different in how I eat but it doesnt affect my personality and it doesnt affect your's.