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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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The Gluten-Free EatUP! Pop Up Market Brooklyn. NYC

Event details

The Gluten-Free EatUP!

NYC's only pop up marketplace of locally crafted, gluten-free, taste-full goodies.

Sunday July 13, 2014 1pm to 6pm

Freddy's Bar and Back Room

627 Fifth Avenue in South Slope Brooklyn

Entrance is Free.

Featuring the delights of 10-12 vendors.

Presented by Levine’s General ~ Gluten-Free Provisions and Kimcheelicious Fermented Food Design

Welcome to the Summer Edition: Whether you have Celiac Disease, a gluten intolerance, or pursued a gluten-free lifestyle for other health reasons, finding accessible and tasty food can sometimes be a big challenge. Enter The Gluten-Free EatUP! NYC's only pop up market where local vendors and eager guests meet with smiling faces delighted by the opportunity to enjoy locally crafted gluten free foods all under one roof. Food lovers can expect to sample, eat and buy a variety of baked goods, imported Italian pastas, hot foods and healthy snacks, some of which they may have never experienced before, all gluten-free.

Housed in the always welcoming and bustling local stalwart Freddy's Bar in South Slope Brooklyn, grab a gluten free beer, chill out inside or take a seat in the eclectic back outdoor space. Catch the final World Cup Game on a big screen. Meet new merchants, and returning favorites.

Special guest DF Mavens will scoop out free cups of their latest dairy free frozen desserts.

"If finding tasty gluten-free foods -- or people who share in your dietary restrictions -- is a challenge for you, make it a point to check out this pop-up market." Village Voice Fork in The Road June

"I like to think of it as a party where there is much more food than usual that someone who’s gluten-free can eat,” said organizer Deb Goldstein, South Slope News February

Sunday July 13th Line Up :

· Bards and New Planet Bottle Beer or cider from a dedicated tap at the bar.

· Levine's General Store & Kimcheelicious Serving up savory Yum Pie empanadas and Pressed Grilled KimCheese on the ineffable "I can't believe it's not gluten" bread from The Gluten Free Bakery of Chatham NY.

· Kimcheelicious Tangy small batch kimchee, and ssamjang on rice with pepitas. Recently honored at Kickstarter’s 5th anniversary celebration.

· Gee’s Gluten Free Italian Imports Italy is a trailblazer when it comes to gluten-free pasta. Stock up here.

· San's Bakery The ginger cookie you don't want to miss. Muffins, baked breads and more from this trailblazer bakery.

· Gone Pie Vegan baked goods…and pie!

· Polvilho Bakery Bite into a taste of Brazil puffed crunchy snacks.

· Izzy & Em's Newcomer bringing yummy, simple and delicious cookies crafted in small batches

· DF Mavens From one of the world's leading ice cream experts comes their newest obsession - non-dairy frozen desserts.

· Taste Up Foods Classic cookies, and bread crumbs imported from some of Italy's finest and most advanced allergen and gluten free facilities.

Why an all Gluten Free Market? For many, eating gluten-free is not a choice rather it is the only medicine for good health for those with Celiac autoimmune disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity. For others, avoiding gluten is a preference and integral to personal wellness. Whatever the reason, gluten-free foods don’t have to be sad and tasteless. The Gluten Free EatUP! was conceived and organized by Deb Goldstein of Levine's General Store (named after the original general store once owned by her great-grandparents in the Catskills), a new purveyor of gluten free foods and events and Tony Limuaco, food designer and chief fermenter at Kimcheelicious to broaden access to some of the most passionate and adherent gluten-free makers and the tastiest products out there, in a fun and casual setting. Our goal is to provide a platform and culture of sharing for a community of merchants, customers and friends - while dispelling some of the myths about being gluten free and Celiac Disease, along the way - to Meet. Eat. Be Free.

When you are gluten-free sometimes you feel like you are on the outside - not at the EatUP!.

For more information, press and a list of vendors, visit: www.LevinesGeneral.com


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