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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sucessful Pregnancy With Cd

    I have also had two children that are mostly healthy. (one may have celiac disease too, I am awaiting test results) I did not know that I had celiac disease while I was pregnant. I only found out two months ago about my celiac disease and am actually trying to get pregnant again. I was wondering what prenatal vitamins, if any are okay to take. I had some here from my midwife that she had suggested I take while I am trying to get pregnant and the company says that they are gluten-free, but it seems like while I take them I seem to be have problems again. While I do not take them I am feeling good. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. Michelle
  2. I just wanted to thank Theresa for the nice email. I am not sure how to contact you directly to respond. I am actually awaiting bloodtest results from my doctor and should hear more info tomorrow. How do you know if you are a stage 3 or 4? Actually you are the first person to mention that there was even stages to celiac disease. I guess I do not know too much about the disease yet. As far as the bread goes, I was very happy to find some really good tasting bread (as good as this bread can taste anyway) when I was in DisneyWorld. I ate at one of the parks and the chef came out to talk to me directly about what she was going to serve me. I had some rice rolls with my dinner and they were good, so I asked her about them. She said she mail orders them from a website. The only downfall was that you would have to order in bulk. The website is www.cybrosinc.com. They do have other things on the order form besides gluten free in case you want to order for other family. I found that the the rolls and the rice bread was good. The cookies were not too good. I actually dried the rice bread and made bread crumbs with it and used it to make my italian meatballs. They tasted just like they always used to. I also found Glutano spaghetti tastes very good too. I hope this helps you too. Thanks again. Michelle
  3. Thank you for the info. I am only 30 and have been dealing with misdiagnosis for 6 years. I cannot even imagine if it took any longer. I was very persistant and found a doctor who took the time to figure it out. I was wondering if you completely eliminated everything from your diet (except meat and veggies) at first and then readded them after some time or if you just were eating gluten-free and dealt with the sickness. I have read other entries and noticed that some people thought that adding dairy and sometimes even grains after 6 months or so worked better for them. I had been feeling better as soon as I switched my diet, but now more recently have been having problems again. I hopefully will be able to see a nutrionist soon and get some answers. Thanks again for your response. It made me feel better. Michelle
  4. I am glad that I am reading all of everyone's information. I have been gluten-free since Feb. 16th, and I am feeling a little better some days and terrible on others. I feel like I am eating everything the right way, but then I end up sick again. For example today I ate a gluten-free rice roll with peanut butter and strawberry jam and I have been sick ever since. I think that my body is still taking time to heal, after I have read all of your comments. (or maybe my pb has bread crumbs in it) I did want to let everyone know that I work at a McDonald's part time and they are the only fast food place that has a dedicated fryer for fries. Wendy's and Burger King do not. I have eaten there several times and have not gotten sick at all. I guess when we go to Wendy's we will have to stick with the baked potato. If anyone has any ideas on how long it takes to feel better, please let me know. Thank you again for all of your help.