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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vacation Happness No Seizures

    I have not had a seizure in 4 weeks that is a ling time I am happy about it I hope it keeps going the Grand malls are bad I don't like the days after my body hurts and my tongue is black. I have been treated very well by the places I have gone to eat . We just went on vaction I was worried I did not think I would be able to eat at all but it went well everyone was just helpful and nice some even asked question on how they could help others with what I have I had one tell me he turned on a different grill that they use for people with food allergy he was so nice I was shocked. everything went so well I had a great time. I did not have any brain fog wow! must have really done what they said they did. One place came out and read every thing in their icecream to see it I could eat it. Things went so well best time I have had in a long time.
  2. This one is odd my Mom made this for me it is Chicken, potato chips and mayo it is good she cooked the chicken deboned it put it in a dish with mayo and potato chips, baked it up I loved it come to think of it I have not had it in a long time think I will fix it. no gluten there.
  3. Anyone Gone Raw?

    You made me hungry with the tuna statement Oh and you are so right. We as Americans want money so we spray our foods to kill the bugs. I wonder does anyone think if it kills the bug what does it really do to us. We want the money. after all we are Americans. Why aren't the other countriesas sick as we are?
  4. I have done that with doc by my side went on for 4 days all went very well. Thank goodness. I was on what I call old timey foods greens, beets and a few others at first it was odd I did not like the taste then on the 2nd day it all tasted great I wanted all I could get of those foods and how they were mixed up. I was put on it because of my gall bladder. It was inflamed they said. All I can say was ouch. never been like that before. caught in time. If you do that make sure you have your pros. on board.
  5. No Support At Home

    Things have to vent don't they You were so nice and wonderful when I first found this place. I hate to hear what they are saying to you sometimes family think that can push you upward when they do that to you. They have not a clue of what you go through I have meet people that have celiacs but not like I do. not everyong has it the same way and it don't dobthe same thing to people at the same age. But it is REAL and it can kill it can make you brain do things that can not be on done. It does things to your body that can not be undone. I the people they know have it and at there age it is not bad well I say great for them but. You know Me and I have SEIZURES from GLUTENS I can not touch it or SMELL IT! I can not go where then bake donuts or bread If I do I have a SEIZURE that means I fall over and shake and bite my tongue bleed and pee all over myself . Now That is something you need be careful of. I it get you that bad and it can because your body will get tired of you do what it don't like to it. Oh yeh I like MY chocolate and I don't care if you don't like my size I have been this way more than half my life I have been told My body thinks it is starving because I can not digest food and give it what it need so it holds on to fat for safety. When the Doctor found out what was happening he said I will lose and stop and then lose and stop untill it get a hold on what is going on. I have 3 members of my family that has been the same way one is now around 400 lbs. she will go around the house for days and eat nothing but peanut butter. They dont know what to do for her if we lived in a large city and good doctors something could be done but we don't. She also don't have the money to go to a large city. So well that is that say. I think you being safe is what you should do you have you to take care of! You have already taken care of them they may find out the hard way. You will lose because you are now knowing what to do. You are worth a mill and I met you here and think you are great. I read the things you try to help folks just like you and that is worth more than a million. you are useing what you know to keep others from pain and sadness. Infromation is what will keep us going and healthy my Doctor told me to go on lind and read everything I could. Find out what kinds of foods will help me what kinds want. I am getting somewhere and that makes me happy. I am not haveing daily deizures and keeping my family upset. The one good thing about the seizures is that is how they found out why I had to be put in a hospital about every two years from being sick to my stomach for days. from childhood up. Oh I have gone off well You know this I think you are great.
  6. I wonder what your husband would have done if you ate a bun and fell over with a grand mall seizure. think he would have thought somthing of it then. My husband read everything I might touch before I see it. Celiacs is more than a stomach pain.
  7. You are more than likely safe . I am from the farm land What I understand is, the big problem comes from the bag they should not put it in those bags that does not make it safe or better for us. Moisture makes a slime if you feel that trash it and wash your hands right then. The same thing goes for bagged salads, not safe you should ask when you go out to eat. This come from my Doctor to.
  8. oh I hope it all goes great. Sound like you have started a great change. I have lost over30 lb in 4 months my dr was in ahwws he to said I sorry I thought it was just you but now he says everytime I go for blood work wow it is getting better keep your chin up and come around here with updates
  9. Im sorry you are feeling bad. I can understand how you are thinking. At first I just did not want to say I had anything. When the seizures started I was fust down right mad. Then I said to myself 100,99,98,97,96,95, I know crazy I cleaned my mind and started the day over. I like you am not going to be a celiac I am going to be me. I started reading everything I can read. My friends stopped coming around at first they did not know what to say or do. I got one the phone and would say lets go out to eat and they would say oh are you sure? I said yes I can go here and here and here and it is OK Im getting over it and they are getting over it I had to change what I eat and touch oh I can't even smell flour. but there are a lot of things I CAN DO well (hehe I rule) oh now that was bad. there is alot more me can do than not.
  10. Fear

    I was 16 when they were done one me. To make it light my DR. looks at me and says, now you can tell everyone you have seen the LIGht ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I did not think it was as bad as a spinal tap. So think of it as an answer I hope you are more than 16
  11. Brain Fog

    most of the doctors think it is just a little thing that makes you sometimes sick to your stomach they know nothing I was sent to UVA in Virginia they did not get it at all made my husband so mad that the last time I was there He said I would never go back. I have to be careful of shampoos and soaps and lotions are you reading everything read all food labels stay away from the frozen food section. if you can't say it don't eat it no pizza don't eat Mcdonalds fries sheets icecream or shakes chip dips salad dressing somethings does not say wheat but wheat is not the only grain in foods look for gluten free statements try to be very hard on your self and very careful. see if it changes or makes a differents it took me about a month then it got better but you must stay away from glutens all of them. there are alot of things to eat just you have to change your taste
  12. Brain Fog

    Yes! I brain fog very bad. How bad is your brain fog? I have a seizure if I get to much gluten in me I try to stay far away. The seizures are better now that the doctors and that is S many of them found out oh you have celiac that must have been what has made you sick your whole life!!!!! If I get a small amount now that I have been on a gluten free diet I will brain fog for a day befor I knew what to eat I went into a seizure within 20 min. that is if I ate a slice of bread. I would be gone. When I was young I just went off into space. It just kept doing damege to my nerves as I was told. Now My parents were not told anything except that I was a sick child. They would have to put me in and out of the hospital because I could not keep food down. how old are you and how long has the brain fog been there? I have been reading everything I can find. The more info You know the Better life you can live.
  13. Help Turning Into A Salad.

    Ye! I know how you feel salad is just well green. I did when they first told me no more glutens then my mind thought about it a steak does not have glutens. it just had to be in small amounts I eat more time a day. I also like gluten free taco chips it says it on the bag that way I can snak with my family. I do get tired of the no eat out thing I am getting ready to go to the beach. full kitchen yehh! I'll eat and then we all will go out. sound like fun. There are some places that are great to help you it few and far between. oh I like chocolate you have to read but oh yes. becareful at Ruby tuesday's had bad thing with them they don't listen.I also get the resturants to boil my chicken most will do it many use boiled chicken on salads.I get that served with a baked potato. do alot of asking how they fix things