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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mcdonald's

    My husband and 15 year old daughter have Celiac Disease. They eat quarter pounders with no bun all the time. Recently my husband had chest pains and had to go to the hospital. First they check your heart then they check for gastro problems. The gastro doc scoped him and said he had the prettiest intestines he has seen in a long time, said we are doing a great job on the gluten free diet nice to know his intestines are fine, but they did find a ulcer and one blocked vein. They think the ulcer is what is causing the chest pain. We have been gluten free for five years now.
  2. Hey welcome to the forum. My daughter was 10 when we found out after blood test showed positive. She is 15 now and handles her diet very well. We had a scope done and thankfully she had minamal damage. You will need the scope done so you know what is going on. If it is possitive you will be glad you have a offical diagnoises to be able to get the paperwork that will help protect her in school. Just rambling, what I have learned it all been from this message forum. Just read all you can and ya will be a pro in no time. [
  3. Group In South Alabama?

    There is a group in Birmingham.
  4. I found a app on my smart phone that has a barcode scanner to tell you if it contains gluten. Think it was free.
  5. Bad News, Guys

    So sorry for your loss:( I also lost one after my daughter was born and it was not easy, but what helped me get through it was I was also happy that as a women my body did exactly as it was designed to do. Our bodies knows when things are not right. Enjoy your frosting and massage and look forward to trying again. Good luck
  6. Ads On Both Sides Of Message Box

    I am a older person but someone told me that if you click on the adds on the side of messages boards thats how your computor gets virus's. I was on My Space when I heard this. Just curious?
  7. Foot Numbness

    Hello Leann Just found out 3 weeks ago that my 10 year old daughter has celiac disease. She often complained of tingling in her legs before she found out she had celiac disease now she is on a gluten free diet and have not herd her complain. Hang in there and good luck. Lynn21
  8. Anyone In Alabama?

    hello from birmingham. any celiacs around here?