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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cant Stop Eating Gluten

    im eating it cause i just want it not due to cross contamination or nething. i have an eating disorder, i try to keep my calorie intake to a certain level, so before i even was diagnosed with this i had problems with food, it kind of put a wrench in everything, i dont have a support person or anything, people think its no biggie, they dont understand it i guess. noglugirl ty, i think ill get the hang of it, its just hard when noone here gets it, the poison thing is a good point and i like trying out new foods, ill look at it that way, whats the worse is i cant have have nemore tofu icecream lol, but ill look at the alternative its better than feeling ill later from eating it, because thats not a very good feeling ty all for the wonderful replies: )
  2. i cant stop eating gluten no matter how hard i try, and its killing my stomach, does ne1 have any tips to get rid of gluten once and for all? im vegan so im worried its gonna make me have no food i can eat then: ( ty so much i want to stop eating it
  3. Vegan Celiacs?

    im vegan for ethical reasons and ive just found out im celiac ugh.......but i mostly eat fruit n plant based food so it didnt harm my meals at all
  4. Eating Disorders/weight Loss

    i myself, have tried treatment didnt work, ive learned to live with it, its a part of me i guess, its kind of like having a shadow, its always with you, and in some messed up way its my security blanket, like i can control it, mine is full blown anorexia, but i do eat when i have to, sometimes i just fast, i went to see my hematologist today for my itp and i was perfect they said so i wasnt too worried
  5. Need Help With This Please...

    ty everyone i went to health food store today and bought some vegan gluten free crackers and gluten free vegan lollipops they had(28 calories a piece) got like 20 of em lol so when i have that gluten craving ill get one of those instead they are pretty good actually: )
  6. Need Help With This Please...

    ty all for the replies ill go to health store today and buy the gluten free cereal, i got my new med alert bracelet yesterday: ) i have willpower and oh am i using it now
  7. Need Help With This Please...

    ty nancy what ive done since i loved cereal is buy small boxes not the big ones anymore and labeled them for days for my kid and thats been working i think ill be fine after getting used to it a lil longer: )
  8. Need Help With This Please...

    ty carla i love soy burgers but hence the WHEAT HAHA, ill try to do your suggestion ty so much: ) im gonna do it, cold turkey!!! its not worth my health at all, i did find a cool site that sells gluten free vegan stuff i ordered some food from it and candy n cookies lol
  9. ty i love ketchup lol im a ketchup addict
  10. Need Help With This Please...

    i thought the first post didnt go through sorry bout posting twice, i have a 2 year old, so i buy her frozen or cold stuff i cant stand so i wont touch it meat basically since i dont eat any meat at all or anything, i updated my med alert with celiac information on it, i get honey wheat bread now i wont touch honey since im vegan so i wont touch the bread, its hard, but i did buy these gluten vegan crackers at store today and they were pretty good and i ate half of them lol, i have bought more fruits, i didnt know a little bit of gluten could hurt intestines, ackkk, i def wont miss pizza then i barely have it anyway, ty all for the helpful info im glad to have found this board!!! tiff
  11. Im vegan, i have itp, i suffer from anorexia, and was just diagnosed with celiacs disease, im still eating vegan bagels nonstop though ughhh i cant help it, any advice on how to get off the bread? ty
  12. Eating Disorders/weight Loss

    I am vegan just recently diagnosed with celiacs and also anorexic im 94 pounds, in a way this is just another part of something im gonna have to deal with, each day is a new beginning sometimes, an orange to me is too much to eat sometimes: ( tiff
  13. Platelets

    ive had itp for 7 years i know all about it if you have any ?s feel free to ask, its not as bad as it seems, ive had a child....
  14. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease on top of that Im VEGAN!!! so now my food is limited which is fine, but its a pain, im still eating cereal i shouldnt and other stuff like bagels, i need help getting it out of my system the bagels i have are vegan but still have wheat, its hard but i know slowly I can do it, anyone have any advice on how to get away or not be tempted by that food, everytime i have it i suffer my tummy hurts sooo bad, ty tiff