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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Everyone, My doctor was ure I was celiac with all the symptoms I have had. I went on the gluten free diet and in 4 weeks I noticed a big change other than being tired. He states the test shows negative and I may want to do teh biopsy. Anyone else experience this? Also THe test have found I am Anemic (6.9) and he wants to start me on iron...to save money he wants to start me there first and re check my blood results in 6 weeks...if the anemia clears he knows it is possible for iron deficiancy due to Celiac and he says its safe to assume I am Celiac. If not we must look for another source causing the anemia...right now he has me conducting cocorectel cancer skids....Can anyone interject on this. Have you had a negative antibodies test yet still celiac? Does anyone else have anemia with theirs? In Him, Leigh Ann
  2. Life Seems Hopeless

    Thanks to all who replied....I have had a rough start, slowly I am getting use to things. I hate looking at the foods I can no longer eat. Thanking you all who cared enough to lend support.... In Care Leigh Ann
  3. Well, I feel helpless and hopless. My concerns were real...and now with all other "conditions" I have....here is another one. Already on a GERD diet now a gluten-free one. I have a family of 7 and shopping for a glutten free individual is time consuming, expensive and complicated. I already feel bad enough and wit this on top of me it hard to bear. Today ...it seems everything in my house has gluten and realistically it does! Anyone have words of encouragement ....is there any light at the end of this tunnel? In Care, Leigh Ann
  4. Hi, I am new to all of this! Has any of you women had any female problems as a result of Celiacs Disease? I have a very sensitive cervix and bleed often during sex. Also I miscarried often...can anyone shed light on this? Leigh Ann
  5. Thanks to those who replied...anyone else with advice...and have these symptoms? I can not wait til my appoinment
  6. Hello, I am new to this board, and i hope I have found hope and experience in this forum. I really need support by others with celiac disease. Let Me tell you about me...I am 33 female my digstive history has been as such.... Malrotation of the colon...surgery to remove 9 inches of colon, IBS, GERD, and Hiatus Hernia. I have spent most of my llife on Prilosec or Nexium. I have bee anorexic for no apparent reason in my past and then came out of it. I am always distended after I eate...an I go through periods of symptoms that are unexplainable for years....a friend suggested I share these symptoms with other celiac disease patients to see if anyone experiences the symptoms that I have ongoing and periodically....Help i dunno how to pursue this agressively or anything. I have scheduled an appoinment with my Gastroenterologists for the 31st My Symptoms (some present all the time others not); constant diarhea mucus like and fatty- somedays worse than others bloating and distention-always after I eat and a few hours later headaches irritated easily-I am usually so kind loosing weight with out effort blister or bumps on skin- year and a half ago it was severe and itchy on my upper arms I have scars today where I would scratch them they itched so much...now I get them only popping up here and there like on my forearms, head, back, and get sores on the corners of my mouth. I have burning tongue and mouth periodically with no warning I am TIRED all the time, and weak to want to do much When I eat macaroni lately I really get so sick...the worst! there is so much more...but can anyone help? Does this seem like I should demand some sort of test and if so what?