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  1. Can anyone give me any success stories in going from failure to thrive to thriving with your little ones? I've been reading over a lot of the posts here, and I'm trying to figure out time tables, how concerned to be, etc. I'm asking because my 18-month-old daughter underwent a blood test for Celiac a week ago (we're awaiting the results still) after her weight dropped down to 17 lbs, 4 oz. She had been hovering around the 3rd percentile for weight for months, but she dropped off the charts after a stomach flu wiped her out. So many of her symptoms match those of celiac disease. We've had her off gluten for a little over a week, and she has shown definite improvement (regular, looser bowel movements, better mood, less waking & screaming in the night...), so I feel fairly certain that she has Celiac. But I'm really concerned about her weight and her development. She has started to eat a little more now that she's gluten-free, but she's certainly not eating enough to gain back all that she has lost. So that's why I'm wondering if anyone can give me any success stories. I know it takes a while for her intestines to heal and for her to start eating well, but what kind of timeline are we talking about? If your child was underweight, how long did it take until he/she was really thriving? Also, how worried should I be that she will have long-term problems with physical and mental development? I try not to get overly worried about this, but I also know that these first few years are crucial in terms of the development of her brain, muscles, bones, nervous system, etc. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated.