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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well the thing with apples, maybe I didn't explain it well? Some kinds of apples I'm perfectly fine after eating, others it's just maybe like a too acidid or unsettled feeling, that's asking for more food in it.. and once I do that, it goes away.. so that wouldn't be an allergy or anything, since eating something else makes it go away, would it be? burdee -> Eh.. wish my body was as helpful as yours was, lol.. so think I'll need to go this route. tarnalberry -> What 12 foods were you using? Maybe I could steal your plan. =D Ummm.. do I need to worry about tooth paste and mouthwash? My mouthwash does have citrus in it? Thanks. =D
  2. Going Off Gfcf, Okay For A Day?

    Wow, thankies.. got a lot of responses here. Not online long though, so just skimmed. I'll come back and read through better later.. just wanted to let everyone know I didn't have any gluten filled cakes, so no one need to worry. =)
  3. Going Off Gfcf, Okay For A Day?

    Thanks.. Hmmm.. well, didn't see anything for making cakes at the grocery store I went to, last week. They do have a nice gluten-free section. I dunno, if my body was actually feeling better on the diet, I wouldn't even considering it.. but when my body hasn't been considerate enough to start feeling better after 14 weeks being Gluten-free Casein-free.. why should I be nice to it on my Birthday? Don't see anything to loose. Body never reacted to gluten anyway, and the casein reaction usually lasted a day. So may be a way to find out if my body has gotten use to not having gluten, and will react now? LOL I most likely won't posion myself, just would be soooo much nicer if things were feeling better, so I'd see an actual reason not too! Hey, my day to be all woe is me, isn't it? =D
  4. Sugar intolerance?!?! Can you please push me off a cliff now? =D
  5. Ahhhh!!! LOL I follow ya. =P darlindeb25 -> I think her concern was if he recently ate something with gluten in it, since kissing can cause someone to get glutened.. and if he, well.. performed it on her. Sounds like yer thinking the other way around too? Unless I'm wrong, reading it that way. Sorry! =) Jill, I don't think you need to worry about sounding disgusting, considering how some here talk about certain bodily functions, lol.
  6. Well, since I didn't actually do anything to prepare.. or take the time to figure out cakes that could be made that are Gluten-free Casein-free.. seems like no birthday cake today! Guess, I'm fine with that.. though would it be that big of a deal if I just had fun for the day, spoil and posion myself with a nice yummy store bought cake? Oh gawd, then if that's okay.. why not have some yummy fast food for dinner, hehe. It's not like I'm feeling any better yet anyway.. so wouldn't loose anything, LOL. Though maybe I'd get to find out if my body has at least gotten use to being Gluten-free Casein-free? LOL Never really had a reaction to gluten in the past. Oh well.. something to consider I guess, despite it being so stupid. Just venting, since it'll be like my first birthday without a cake. *pouts*
  7. Argh.. that rice diet, scarey! Makes sense though, about not drinking with food, least I think so. But no orange juice? *cries* That'd be the only thing I'd be drinking, besides water.. LOL. Hmmm.. I tried looking for white rice, seems to have added stuff. Blecky. Few different brands did. So got some brown rice instead. Don't like the idea of cutting out salt though.. would like to keep sugar and brown sugar too. Experimenting now with baking apples. Think that could make an elimination diet more fun. Yeah, haven't quite started it yet. Umm.. question to anyone who knows. Are there apple allergies? Apples, depending on the kind.. would always leave my stomach, like unsettled.. like too acidic, maybe? And eating crackers, cookies, bread, etc.. afterwards would make it feel fine. So I doubt it would be an allergy? Of course, those things have to be gluten-free now. And Banana's should be bad. They are an allergen? Cuz that would cut out my normal breakfast then, a banana, lol.
  8. cynicaltomorrow, she means.. the oral kind, lol. Jill, I have no clue either.. maybe just have him wash his mouth really well before hand, to be safe? Or.. hump a loaf of bread to see if there is a reaction? And I'll go hide now. Not exactly a lady either, but thought I'd try to help. =P
  9. Oh, you sure? I make sure to check the labels and haven't come across any that have lactose on them. Hmm.. I'll be sure to doubly check them in the future. Thanks! =)
  10. I really think that's something you should ask your doctor. Think he or she would know which labs he or she uses, unless of course you asked him or her already, and he or she had no clue.
  11. Oh, I think my body should beable to handle it.. use to be very active. Just when my tummy/intestines seem to always been feeling bad, kinda kills the motivation to work out, LOL.
  12. Yeah, when I went gluten-free/CF.. I didn't plan at all. Just did it! That was annoying. Didn't even really get out to the store, to get foods.. till a week after that! LOL Umm.. I get like no weight bearing excerise. Eeep! Guess I should, well.. stop putting getting back into excerising off. =)
  13. I don't know debmidge. Maybe that's a no? Well, yes to healing, no if you don't avoid things that bother it. tarnalberry -> I can go with sweet potatoes. Anything else good for like calcuim, iron, etc.. all that needed stuff? I am gonna try to find a website or something hopefully that can explain that stuff. Planning I might get this started next weekend. I see I do need to plan ahead, lol. Question.. would I need to get new pots/pans again.. since some of the things cut, have been cooked in them?
  14. Rice Milk

    Just a warning. Lactose free, doesn't mean there isn't any milk in it. There could be casein, which is a milk protein. Make sure to check for that on the label. Unless of course casein doesn't bother you. =)
  15. Yes, very helpful. Thanks! Though makes this sound like even more work! =P Hmm.. I'd have no clue what to eat though, if I got rid of everything I ate twice a week, lol.