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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. OK, here's what is going on. My 15 year old tested weak positive a few years ago. She is very, very rebellious and suffers from ADD, ODD, and Depression. Needless to say, getting her to give up any of her favorite foods was impossible. In fact, it made her want them more. We gave up, thinking that a weak pos with a simple message from the nurse saying "it might be a good idea to follow a gluten free diet" was not enough to make us force the issue. Fast forward to last week. DD is finally ready to take some things into her own hands in terms of improving her mood and behavior....and she is now homeschooling. She has agreed to try a gluten free diet in the hopes of improving her mood and behavior. I called the doctor whom we saw 3 years ago and asked for test results. The only number they would give me over the phone was a 20 units for antibodies. In reading online, I see that a 20 is the highest number under the negative range. So, any advice for tomorrow? What to ask the doctor? Additional testing that should be done?
  2. Hey everyone..I'm new here, and have a squirming toddler on my lap but I need help with my very rebellious and defiant 12 year old. Here is what I posted on a local board. I'm hoping someone will give me some good advice on what to do next. "Kayla's test came back as a weak positive and the doctor's assistant called yesterday to give us the results and said "The Dr. think's it would be a good idea to start a gluten-free diet now" Sure, I can do that, but without hard evidence that gluten is harmful to her, Kayla will not comply, and neither will her dad when she is there this summer. They both think I'm nuts most of the time. I did mention it to him yesterday on the phone and told him to read up on it so he knows what is and isn't gluten free, but I could tell by the way he talked to me he thinks I'm full of it. Kayla is so miserable all the time that she says she doesn't care and won't stick to a diet even if gluten is harmful. I can keep it out of the house, but at school or friend's houses there is only so much I can do. Does anyone have experience with this? If so, how would you proceed with a weak pos result? My current plan is to get her in to see a specialist, have them do more testing so that we get an accurate answer about whether or not she does have celiac disease. She is leaving on Sunday for a two month visit to Pittsburgh and I'd really rather not have her dad take her to a specialist there, so I'm inclined to find a doc here who will see her quickly or wait til she returns home. She wants to wait, she says her summer will be ruined if I make her start a diet now. Of course what's 8 more weeks of gluten when she's been having it her whole life, and she may not even have celiacs disease anyway. See? I'm crazy. I need to talk to someone with a kid...preferably a rebellious kid, who has celiacs disease."