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  1. Meeting Location Frustration

    The manager IS the owner and the man who told me where he stood. I think what upset me is that I have been to many community events "in the backroom" where I held the meeting and only appetizers were ordered. He also never made a request of me to make sure to tell my guests to order dinner. He also never asked how many "I thought would order dinner" - so he caught me off guard after the event - I was surprised and I really don't like surprises. I also thought I had been real good to him, publishing the name of his restaurant on the blogs, in newsletters, and helping him establish a gluten free menu, but unknown to me he thinks all of this is a pain in the arse. I didn't realize he didn't want our business - he is happier not serving us. So, he cut me off, I cut him off- I am pulling the restaurant off the lists, websites, newsletters, and am not recommending it to anyone who might happen to have a question or two. I won't get angry at him and I won't smear his name or his restaurants name, I just won't send anyone his way....
  2. Please bare with me...I just need to vent so I came here. I lead a Celiac Disease Support Group and had my meeting tonight at a trusted gluten free restaurant. I rotate my meetings at restuarant locations to 1)give exposure to restuarants who do a good job in preparing and serving gluten free options and 2)allows for participants to have something to drink or eat if they so choose. I also pick locations that do not charge for their meeting space. During the meeting, as the waiter was serving gluten free appetizers (that I paid for out of my pocket), a newcomer to the restaurant wanted to know what flour was used for the breading. I stopped the waiter and asked, he did not know, so I asked him to check with the chef. I was assured it was fine, but this lady also had other allergies she had a right to know the ingredients. At the end of the evening the restaurant owner informed me he was less than pleased with our group meeting at his restaurant(even though this was our third meeting at this location). He said he 1) had too many wait staff assigned to our group (who mostly do not eat or order a meal) so they do not make enough on tips and 2) he said our folks need to trust his chef and not insist on finding out what was in the ingredients and 3) felt we occupied precious space that otherwise could be used by customers who pay for a full meal. I apologized to him but nicely responded that I had no way of predicting who would order or who would not, that is why I always order many appetizers to help offset the fact that not everyone will order a meal. I explained to him our folks are generally untrusting so they ask questions- too many bad experiences and too many ramifications if they eat forbidden foods and ingredients. Many celiacs also react to other ingredients. So even if I tell them its gluten free they want to know if it containts _____ (fill in the blank). I also mentioned that although many of the folks might not have ordered something in addition to the appetizers I ordered, they stayed afterwards and ate elsewhere in the restaurant or they edhow great it was at the meeting and will come back. He said he rarely sees anyone from my group show up at his restuarant and he is not sure he wants to promote my type since he does not have time to answer all the questions that get asked. I then shared with him that I agreed with him, "our type" and his restaurant was not a good match. After signing my $200 bill with a 35% grutity I got the heck out of there.... I just had to vent... how very disappointing. I really liked going this restuaunt, but now really do not want to. You think you are doing good for the restaurant as well as members of the meeting who have a hard time finding a restuarant to go eat --- and then something like this happens. Kind of a bummer to my day...Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Idaho Falls Celiac, IF Celiac, in Eastern Idaho will have its' first meeting in September. A date and time and location has not yet been determined but a distribution list of interested individuals is being developed. If you are interested in hearing more about this organization and would like to be on a distribution list, please email your contact information to Amy Lientz at amylientz@hotmail.com. THanks for your interest and hope to see you at a future meeting!
  5. gluten-free Restaurants In Washington Dc

    Legal Seafood. Legal Seafood. Legal Seafood. I travel to DC every other month and can not wait to eat at the Legal Seafood Restaurant in the Heart of DC ( I think on 7th street). Fabulous gluten-free menu. Breaded calamari with chick pea flour, Rice Rolls, breaded chick pea flour fish, etc. etc. etc. THe staff at the bar are fabulous.
  6. Garlic Jim's

    Make sure you call ahead. My first call to place an order was at the Garlick Jim's in Tacoma, WA. THey informed me that they were all out of Gluten Free Pizza. They could not keep it in fast enough - as soon as it arrived to their facility, it disappeared. He recommended Federal Way. I called ahead and ordered 3 different types of pizza. I quizzed him on CC and I received intellegent and satisfactory answers. When I got home I froze a 2-slice variety pack for lunches. I just got rid of the last lunch and now have an enormous craving for more Garlick Jim's.
  7. Garlic Jim's Gluten Free Pizza

    I also saw the article in the Tacoma paper about Garlic Jim's while visiting my brother and I immediately called in an order to the Tacoma store. The kid on the other end informed me - they were out and couldn't stock the gluten free pizza crust fast enough. He suggested Federal Way. I went out of my way on my trip home and order 3 different kinds to go. On my trip back to Eastern Washington, I ate one of each kind (the pepperoni and mushroom - canadian bacon and pineapple - and the basil pesto). All were good (not fabulous, but good). When I got home, I wrapped about two pieces in tin foil and froze it for future lunches. It works out great: unwrap, but on a dish, zap it for 3 minutes - viola, lunch. I recommend calling ahead to make sure they are not out - seems like a pretty popular request.
  8. Legal Seafood Rocks!

    I travel to DC frequently and decided to do a quick local google search on good gluten free restaurants. Legal Seafood came out front and center! I sat at the bar with another celiac stranger (the word is getting out) and asked for a gluten free menu. It was four pages! I flipped out when it listed Clam chowder and chick pea flour breaded calamari. I didn't go even further. THe bartender was so thrilled to watch me flip out with excitment about all the choices. As a special treat and surprise, with my bowl of soup he brought out fresh baked rice rolls and butter. Unbelievable! They tasted too good to be true. THe staff was so nice I tipped them 50% and vowed to come back over and over again for lunch and dinner everytime I am in DC. I will now even plan my hotel stay to be nearby. The restaurant is on 7th street NW across from the Verizon Center. Stop by. I know it is a chain so keep your eyes peeled for a Legal Seafood near you.
  9. Prior to going gluten free, my biggest symptoms were not GI related but included: migraines, hand and feet numbing, dizziness, eyes blurring, and a feeling as if someone was pouring hot water on my legs. Almost immediately after going gluten free, my migraines went away, numbing reduced, eyes no longer blur, I am no longer dizzy, and there is no feeling someone pouring hotwater on my legs. I was so amazed how quickly everything disappeared.
  10. Help!

    I too had such severe damage by the time I was diagnosed and was in a great deal of pain. Not to be discouraging, but it took me nearly 9 months to start feeling better when eating a salad or raw veggies. The best thing I did for myself was buy a Giant Soup Recipe Book from the sale rack of a local book store. Every Sunday I make a large pot of soup (replace flour with a safe substitute) and then date and freeze the extra. Soup is an easy to digest option - just be careful with how much cream or milk you use. I also have found Cocunut Milk (used in Thai soups) is much easier for me to digest than cow's milk (but everyone is different).
  11. Extreme nausea. And my very first symptom. In fact, throwing up became daily habit. Sadly, when I was a college student I was accused of being bulimic by my roommates and worse by the campus doctor. I was a very broke college student and one who never went to the doctor, but I was so tired of getting sick all the time and finally made an appointment. I really had no other symptoms at that time to share with the doctor, so the doctor told me I must be bulimic. I was so discouraged by a doctor accusing me of being bulimic it took me years and years to go back to a doctor with all the other symptoms I began having. Nearly 20 years after that horrible experience with the Campus Doctor, I was diagnosed with Celiacs.
  12. I am sure this topic has been addressed over and over but I may have missed it. I read that Blue Cheese and Rouqfort are not gluten free. However, when I read ingredients labels I often do not see gluten listed? Does it depend on the brand? If someone has some knowledge of whether some household brands are gluten free, I'd be so very grateful.
  13. I did a little more checking and found a pretty cool website listed below. It details some very interesting information on all types of alcohol (including vodka) and I learned some concerning things on one of my favorite hobbies, wine. I included the list of Potato vodkas that are recommended on this website ( Blue Ice, Teton Glacier, and Zodiac all distilled down the road from where I live by my good friends). Hope you find the website helpful, I sure did. http://gfkitchen.server101.com/GFAlcohol.htm#Vodka Vodka made from potatoes, tends to have a smoother taste, than vodka made from grains. Always check with the manufacturer, most vodkas are made with grain. The ones listed below are made with potatoes. Adamba Blue Ice Chopin Cold River Vodka Ciroc - Made from French Grapes Jankill Jinro Soju - Not really vodka, but very similar. This company has other G.F. Items also Kamachatka Luksusowa Monopolowa Nisskosher Polish Peconika Teton Glacier Victory Zodiac
  14. Alcohol, specifically vodka and gin, was one of the first things I looked into after finding out I had Celiacs. Both are gluten free (compliments of the distilling process). I then confirmed it with our very good friends who so happen to partially own and operate Distilled Resources, Inc. (Drinc), a vodka distillery in S.E Idaho. They assured me alcohol is gluten free. I still see mixed information on Scotch, so just to be safe I stay away for now. By the way DRInc distills some incredible Vodkas: Glacier Vodka, Purple Haze (the Jimmy Hendricks Label), Blue Ice (my absolute favorite potato vodka), Hideous, Ecstasy, to name a few. Cheers.....
  15. I went back to the store last night where I read the label on the Candy Hearts. The company is Mayfair. They do not list wheat as ingredients but they do clearly state that the candy is made in a facility that manufactures products containing wheat. Mayfair does not have a website that I could find, but I did find a list of other candy it produces which is quite extensive, so I can see where cross contamination must be an issue.