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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Even before I knew about Celiac I kept my first daughter wheat free until after she turned a year. I did it because my family has alot of food allergies so I delayed introduction of eggs, wheat, nuts, etc.. With my second I had Celiac, I kept her gluten free until she was 12-14 months old and then started introducing. It is really just a personal choice, I did not want my child to miss out on snacks at church or school etc especially since I already had a child on a regular diet, and my husband is not gluten-free. My home is 95% gluten-free but when we are out they eat whatever. My oldest just had the blood screening this week and regardless of the results our home will be becoming 100% gluten free as it is just too hard with little kids wanting to stick they're fingers in my mouth Goodluck!
  2. Sonic Burger

    I have that same list, but am leary of shakes bc of cc, but I do enjoy the orange cream slushes. They are an ice slush with plain soft serve in them, like a creamsicle yum!
  3. Thank you, this is actually exactly what I needed to hear. So I am not crazy thinking this could be Celiacs. It hit me about 3-4 months ago that she probably had it. Everyone dismissed me, and said it was just me because I was newly diagnosed. I have gone round and round with our pedi because she doesn't have diarrhea. I have an appt with a new pedi on tuesday who I already met with and told my concerns. Do I just tell them I want a Celiac panel?? My diagnosis was kind of an accident and I don't even know what blood test were ran. I know nothing about what tests need/should be ran. I want to start her on the gluten free diet but figure we might as well have the blood test first. Regardless of her results, my husband and I want to try her gluten free to see if it makes a difference. I feel like I am at a loss with this when it comes to my daughter.
  4. Origin Of Celiacs?

    I am half Irish and 1/4 scottish, 1/4 english.. The celiacs is from my moms side, she is 100% Irish.. this is a really interesting topic!
  5. I know for me constipation was a symptom of Celiac, is this true for children too? My 4yr old has had alot of constipation over the last year and recently had an impaction. I am going to a new pediatrician next week and I plan on asking them to do the celiac screening. She doesn't have any really big problems (anemic, some behavior issues and very small for her age) but just doesn't seem quite right.. any advice is welcome!
  6. Hugs to you! This is my fear for my kids.. I have no advice, Hang in there!
  7. What state are you in? Can you get an exemption so your 14yr old doesn't have to get the MMR? I am in texas and it is a pretty simple process here. You should be able to get her titers checked though.. hope you figure it out!
  8. Well the weight gain is good! Maybe double check and triple check that she is not getting cross contamination. Are you gluten-free too? Or your house? I found myself feeling better symptom wise and weight gain wise but still getting glutened.. finally figured out it was cross contamination including kissing my husband! I agree maybe dairy could be and issue or possibly even some gluten-free grains, I don't do well with some of the gluten-free mixes, pancakes etc.. Hang in there you are doing great! And her symptoms have improved!
  9. Gosh, sorry to hear about your DD's reactions. Atleast you the have a diagnosis and know. I am at the point I am going to demand it. The weird thing is they know what I went through last year myself being diagnosed. Crazy. I am going to have to look more into the DTap now! Thanks for the info.. This is so frustrating, trying to find a dr that will look at my childs whole health and not how many vax she has. I am on the hunt for a new one. Luckily I live in a state that is easy to get an exemption for the ones she doesn't get when it comes time for school, I am already dealing with it for my 4yr old. Hugs to you, thanks for your reply. Take care of your girl! Do you have it?
  10. I found out I had Celiac when my DD was 11 months old!
  11. Yes I know there is a good chance she has Celiac I did breast feed her until a few weeks ago. I have been gluten free since I was diagnosed 10 months ago, but by that time she was eatting table food being a year old. I too have dairy issues and really thought her's was gluten issues until I removed dairy from her diet and she actually started gaining weight! We are wanting to get her tested but also have a 4yr old we suspect has it, she was supposed to have the blood screening done last week but I am having issues with my pedi... I am on the hunt for a new one. I am needing to be knowledgable to push these issues, needing to have my children tested. I am feeling like I am having to justify my requests. I am concerned about giving ANY shots at this point until I can get them tested. Am I right to be concerned?? To me injecting something that affects the immune system, if they already have an immune system issue wouldn't be a good idea.
  12. Thanks! But that web address didn't work for me..
  13. My 21 month old is due/ and behind on some of her vaccinations. I have purposely delayed/selectively vaccinated. My concern and question is really about the measles. I am hoping to find it separate because I do want to give her the rubella. The measles vax, I have heard it has connections to the gut. Can anyone give me more info?? I need to know what I am talking about when I talk to her pedi.. He already thinks I am nuts just delaying. She does not have Celiacs(she has not been tested yet), but I do. She has had intestinal issues since birth, and recently realized she has a Dairy allergy. I have breastfed until this month so my pedi didn't push vax's too much, but she recently weaned. Thanks!
  14. How To Help A Teen Adjust?

    Thanks for the reply.. I want to help them out as much as I can but am the older one and not one of they're friend, KWIM?? also they live in Ohio and I in Texas so I only see them a few times a year. I can email and help them out on the phone but know they are going to want to talk to others they're age. Thanks so much for your email I will pass it on!!
  15. You are not a crybaby! I felt the same way! As far as the flours go, don't go out and buy a bunch of flours until you get a cookbook. I bought a bunch of stuff then found a fantastic cookbook that uses almost only corn starch and potatoe starch(which you can find at almost any grocery store). I prefer these recipes to the ones with rice flour. I figure I am eatting enough rice anyways, with the rice bread, rice crackers, rice pasta Hang in there, it really does get better. I would sit in front of the computer on this forum crying I was so overwhelmed. I feel great, like what I eat, adjusted. It is just a still a little tough here and there, and wonder how the holiday will be this year but plan on having a gluten-free baking party for christmas cookies I'm in texas, want to come