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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks so much! What do you gals think about oats? I've been SO hesitant to feed her anything with oats - even if it says 'made with wheat free ingredients'. Do oats have gluten actually in them or is gluten a contaminate that occurs in the processing of oats? Sorry for all the questions ...I just have so many though!
  2. Thanks so much for all of your opinions! The allergy test we had done were just the 'scratch' test or 'skin' test on her back. It was absolutely horrible! How do you go about testing for the celiac gene? That may be something we'll look at in the future. As for putting her back on gluten to have any other test done, I just don't have the heart to do that. Everyone I see who I haven't seen in the last couple months is absolutely astonished at how big and healthy she looks, and everytime I just about get tears in my eyes b/c all we've gone through to get her this way. I still wonder was it the gluten that made her so sick and unhealthy...but I guess I'll just have to keep wondering, b/c I'd rather have a healthy, happy baby and always wonder about the gluten than risk what could happen if we try and give it to her again. Maybe when she's older like 6-7 yrs and if she decides to have the tests done - then maybe well do it. I do have a couple more questions How do you test for the celiac gene? where and who does it? What is the Entero lab test? What does it tell you? What other tests tell you 100% you have or don't have celiac? Is there such a test? Also I was reading that certain things like rhem. arthritis, being Irish, etc increase your chances of celiac....she has ALL of those I've read so far Also - I'm a complete carb freak and lived on noodles and bread during my pregnancy - could this have helped celiac develop in her...can't help thinking I had a part in this... Thanks again for all your help - I appriciate more than words can say!!
  3. Our daughter had what we thought were allergies since she was a baby. She was born at a normal weight, but by 18 months was labeled failure to thrive. Now at 2 yrs old she is at the 70% for both height and weight. She had stuffy ears, very very loose mucousy stool (exclusively breastfed) and always had the reddest cheeks and runny eyes and nose - so we figured allergies. When we started her on solid food at 6 month (oatmeal we started with) she had an immediate reaction! Bright red cheeks, runny nose and diarrhea like crazy. So our wonderful ped. told us to stop all solid food and go back to bf exclusively. I'd tried SO many elimination diets already, but this time we cut out EVERYTHING except fruit, veggies and meat...her symptoms were gone very quickly. Then we very, very slowly started adding foods back to my diet - and when we added wheat back to my diet - her symptoms returned immediately. At 10 months we started her on solids - but a wheat free/gluten free diet. Whenever she had gluten/wheat (we weren't that careful) she would show mild signs of what we thought was an allergy - nose, yucky mucousy poops etc. We became ever so diligent about her gluten free diet when she was 18 months old and labeled failure to thrive. She just kept losing weight even though she was eating a good amount of food. Well, since her very strict gluten free diet for the last 7 months - she has gained 10 lbs! YEP 10 POUNDS in 7 months and a few inches! She went from 12months clothes to 3T! She has no more symptoms, and eats about the same as she did before - amount-wise. She is not eating any more food than she did before - she just seems to be digesting it I guess? We've been to an allergist and had her tested and everything was negative. I REALLY don't want to do any more evasive tests. He says it can't be celiac b/c she too young (2ys) to develop it. But it just seems that the huge 'about face' her growth has done can't be just a coincidence? or can it? Having known WAY more about celiac then I, would you have the tests done? What do you think? Will they tell me anything I really need to know? Can I just not feed her gluten and wait until she's older? I feel we have a handle on 'whatever it is'...but I was told this would be the best place to ask for advice!