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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. theres some things on my mind that are as puzzling as can be, we look at that everyday and it can't be just me? so here they are and feel free to add, if you don't i might be quite sad who do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway Why do we call the buildings? Shouldn't we call they builts? Who cruel idea was it to put an "s" in lisp? If the 7-11 is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, then why is there a lock on the door? Do lipton tea workers have coffee breaks> Why is it that Superman can bounce bullets off his chest, but ducks when a gun is thrown at him? Why do we call shipments by car and cargo by ship? Why do we call hemmoroids (hemmoroids) shouldn't they be called asteroids? Can you cry underwater?
  2. oh subway, how you are always on my mind

  3. Sugar Cookies Recipe

    Thank you very much Roda for the link and the recipe. now i can make my own halloween cookies and decorate them with my family it will be fun thanks again.
  4. I was hoping to make some halloween cookies but haven't found any decent sugar cookie recipes yet. Anyone know of any good ones?? Thanks
  5. College Next Fall

    I have somewhat of an idea of what i'm doing. so i have to talk to the chef of the cafe area and i have to figure out if they can customize the meal plan for me. But other than that i don't what else. The rooms are small, so where am i going to keep food? where can i store stuff, cook stuff, HELP! any advice? please?
  6. Hey. As far as I know I am the only one. So if you need to talk let me know. It sucks not knowing anyelse that has it or having your family eating the foods you once loved. missnbagels
  7. Detroit is having a really good season this year. who do you think they'll play in the playoffs?
  8. I just wanted to see if any hockey fans were here. I was wondering what people were thinking about this hockey season. Hockey talk. Who should be in the playoffs who shouldn't- that sort of thing. I personally like the Minnesota wild. But i watch a lot of other games. There have been a lot of intense hits and injuries this year. I
  9. I just need to vent. I have yet to find the substitute for subways bread and i am really craving it. I hear all my friends say i had subway last night and it was so good and blah blah. meanwhile i listening and thinking you do not need to get sick over a sandwich. But its hard you know? I am the only one in my family who has Celiac and is on the diet. So i have to smell the reg. pizzas and brownies. i know they have to eat too, but i get so sick to my stomach just smelling them and then i see the pizzas and i want that. sorry for venting Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I don't know anyone with celiac
  10. Has anyone found tortillas that they liked? I miss soft tortillas, the recipe i have is okay but it is hard. it's only good for quesedillas. I would like to make Apple Enchaladas but i need soft tortillas for it Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  11. I really am getting hungry for some good popcorn shrimp. I really liked Red Lobster's. But obviously that's a no go. Anyone have a really tasty recipe for popcorn shrimp? Thanks.
  12. Yoplait New Labeling

    I just bought some and they had gluten free towards the bottom of the container, i never noticed before and i just read the ingredients for stuff i can't have.
  13. I am looking for a tasty apple pie or apple crisp recipe to make for thanksgiving. This way i can have some pie too! i have a pumkin recipe but i can't seem to find an apple pie one. thanks
  14. My parents and I went to Doolittles Woodfire Grill and i was really impressed with the place. They didn't have a gluten-free menu but the waitress that we had was very nice and cooperative. She said if i had any ?'s to let her know. I ordered the roasted pear and chicken salad. There was a glaze i was unsure of and i asked her and she talked to the cook and sure enough i couln't have it. i oredered the vinagrette on the side. It was really good and i got a lot for the price. My parents loved their food. i also should mention i am not as severly allergic to gluten as some so the vinagrette may have gluten in it , but it was okay for me. Overall it was a nice place to go to i recommend it
  15. I have had a crappy week. On sunday i started getting terrible headaches and migraines that would not go away. My migraine medicine wouldn't help. went to doctor and he prescribed compazene and tylenol with codeine and they didn't help. went to ER next day and they did a CT and a spinal tap which were both fine. Headaches are continous and terrible. Also haven't been able to sleep at all these past couple nights. Maybe 4-5 hours max. I was wondering if any of it may be connected to Celiac? The neuorologist said i just have to talk to a psychologist about my "stressors" But i already have people to talk to openly. you know? Anyway any advice is much appreciated thanks