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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe I'll let him get poked another time and see if they can get any blood. Is the stool test covered by insurance? I'll have to ask his doc about it. I guess it would be much easier to have a simple test done now than have to feed him gluten later on or do a biopsy. thanks -Dorothy
  2. Hi, I have an 11 month old who would get diarrhea after eating wheat, barley, oats. I mentioned this to his dr. and she suggested blood tests (but did not mention he had to be eating gluten for blood tests to be diagnostic). The phlebotomists weren't able to draw blood on him. now I'm wondering what's the point? I'm reading about many people trying various and sometimes invasive diagnostics and never getting a definite answer and I can't imagine putting my son through tests which might not tell us anything, especially since he is perfectly healthy when he is gluten free. Anyone else out there debating doing diagnostics when a gluten-free diet seems to be the answer? -Dorothy
  3. RaeAnn, Thanks for the advice on communicating with relatives. I am thankful it only took me a few months to figure out that gluten was giving him problems. And all that junk food and processed food he won't be eating! maybe it's a blessing in disguise and we should all go gluten free. -Dorothy
  4. This is in response to Sarah's posting regarding grandparent compliance without diagnosis. I have a very similar problem. My 11 month old son gets horrible diarrhea from gluten and is doing fine now that I don't feed him gluten ( Not too hard since I am generally the one feeding him). I just mentioned this problem to his doctor and she rec. gliadin IgG and IgA and tissue transglutinase antibody IgA. I took him to get his blood drawn but they tried unsuccessfully to draw blood from his pudgey arm. I know a blood draw is not an invasive procedure, but it was still stressful to Evan to be restrained and poked and surrounded by strange people. Should I try again to get his blood drawn? Is there any point since he has no issues as long as he is gluten free? There is a very selfish part of me that wants a medical diagnosis so friends/relatives will take me seriously when I say he can't have wheat ( I haven't began trying to explain gluten, but wouldn't you think people would know that pizza crust or crackers contain wheat?). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -dotandevan
  5. HI, my name is dorothy and I have an 11 month old son named Evan. As I started him on solids he would occasionally get diarrhea and I thought it was just from trying new foods. the diarrhea would always clear up once I put him back on formula and rice for a few days. then I noticed the diarrhea usually coincided with relatives visiting, when for some reason we always tended to feed him more wheat. I finally stopped giving him gluten containing foods and the diarrhea went away. I mentioned this to his doctor and she rec.gliadin IgG and IgA and tissue transglutinase antibody IgA. I took him to have his blood drawn and the phlebotomists were unsuccessful (he does have chubby arms). I just read something about needing to eat gluten for a certain period of time before test results will be diagnostic. my doctor did not mention this and how can it be healthy anyway for an 11 month old to have blowout diarrhea for a week or more? I would like any opinions on these tests and also any advice on dealing with friends/relatives who still give him wheat when I specifically ask them not to. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. -dotandevan