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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Food Preservative

    "But, on a more serious note...you may be reacting to MSG which is often in prepared foods. I would think, some of the foods a cafeteria would serve. Many people here are sensitive to MSG" I didn't even think of MSG. That would actually make a lot of sense. "Have you had an allergy testing done??? Granted that will not rule out intolerances. Also have you tried a food diary??? That helps alot...you would need to get a list of ingredients of what you eat from the school though! Which I would do anyway." Getting a list of ingredients may be difficult, but I could try that. I have had allergy testing for environmental allergies At the highest levels of the allergens I reacted to Bermuda, Timothy, and June (Blue) grasses, Ragweed English Plaintain, Lamb's Quarter, all weeds, Birch,Oak and Cottonwood trees, Cottonwood, Cats, Penicillium Notatum and Hormodendrum Cladosporioides molds, and 2 types of mites...all mild allergies. I was slightly more reactive to Maple trees. I'm not taking allergy meds at this moment. How do they test for food allergies? Is it the same thing as for environmental ones (I had intradermal testing)?
  3. I don't know where to post this. This entire forum may be wrong, but I have a question regarding food intolerances. First off, I do not have celiac disease. I am a college student that lives on campus at school. I am on a school meal plan, as I do not have access to a kitchen, so every term I pay 1100 dollars to eat the school food, the food that seems to be making me sick. I believe that I am intolerant to some type of food additive or preservative that is in the foods they serve. All those foods are bought precooked and frozen, loaded in sauces and preservatives. After I eat them, I have abdominal pain and diarrhea occasionally. After a bad weekend I visited the health center and was told to go on a BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) diet for A FEW WEEKS to see if my symptoms clear. I have modified this a little to include plain grilled chicken, cucumbers, rice cakes, sandwiches (turkey/chicken only) with lettuce and tomato (no dressings) and plain pasta. I have also cut out milk and grease. Does anyone know what could be in the prepared foods that I can't stand? I grew up on food made from scratch for the most part, so this may play a factor in my situation.
  4. Went to the doctor this morning for my first GI appointment. He was very nice, but I didn't work up the courage to discuss celiac. We discussed my reflux and he showed concern about the breakthrough symptoms I am having while being on twice a day Nexium, as well as my young age (22). Guess it doesn't really matter because I'm having an endoscopy to check for H. Pylori, which I believe involves a biopsy of the stomach and duodenum...if there is celiac, they could possibly see it, right? They will also be looking for Barrett's esophagus and esophagitis. So my endoscopy is the 27th.
  5. I've heard two conflicting, negative things about hand sanitizes. One: In order to actually kill bacteria you would have to soak your hands in the hand sanitizer for several minutes. Two: Hand sanitizers kill good AND bad bacteria. It is normal to have bacteria on your hands and good bacteria help to kill bad bacteria thus reducing natural defenses. These products do not claim to kill viruses, which make up most illness that kids get. Reality: There is no replacement for good old fashioned hand washing. You should sing happy birthday while you wash. Friction is very important. Hand sanitizers can be used before eating, when you cannot get to a sink. If your hands are visibly dirty, hand sanitizers are inappropriate. I use hand sanitizing lotion several times a day as a nurse's aid/student nurse. Hand washing is not alway practical.
  6. Strange Question

    Ok...I'm glad that someone understands what I was talking about. I don't want to get to the point where I have diarrhea every day. I just want to feel how I used to feel. One of my big fears is that the Dr. will say that there is nothing wrong with me. Then what do I do? I can't really go Gluten free easily right now. It is a really bad time for me to do a trial, while I'm in school and eating school food, where I would be unable to control my environment. I am on a full meal plan. I have access to a stovetop and a microwave, but the means for preparing my own food is limited. I go to a small school that offers a few "gluten free" options (I've seen gluten-free bread and muffins, but that's all).
  7. I'm still waiting for my GI appointment. Only 1.5 weeks away. Something strange happens to me every night. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. I have anywhere from 2-4 bowel movements on a normal day. One during the day and one immediately after dinner. These two are the ones I consider normal. They are usually small and formed. Sometimes though, even though I feel complete after the second one, I find myself running to the bathroom. I need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW, kind of feeling. The next bowel movement is also formed, but is much larger than the other two combined. It is also very foul smelling. Even though it isn't diarrhea, it is still explosive. These always occur after dinner (my most significant meal). I don't understand why I can feel like I'm completely empty and then turn around and have to go to the bathroom BADLY 30 minutes later. It happens almost every night...Like clockwork. I almost never have diarrhea, but I did a few times last month from an antibiotic reaction. Does this happen to anyone?
  8. Anyone Around Albany Ny?

    Albany area here. Not diagnosed celiac as of right now, but I have a GI appt. on December 17 where maybe I can figure something out. Do all you Albany people go to Albany GI for gastroenterologists? I'm seeing Dr. Ben, I believe. I noticed a small gluten free section in the natural foods section of price chopper in slingerlands. Not much, but i don't know how much would be in a good size section.
  9. Can Someone Describe Dh?

    Thank you. My dad says his rash is itchy, but it isn't blistery.
  10. Can Someone Describe Dh?

    For as long as I can remember, my father has had different types of rashes. Dermatologists call it atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema, but I'm not sure if this is what it is. He's always had breakouts on his hands, leading to them becoming itchy and cracking open. He also gets pink patches behind his knees and in his armpits. He has some spots on his scalp that you can see if he cuts his hair too short. The newest symptom is what concerns me the most though. He has a HUGE breakout on his torso of pimply-type spots all on his stomach and back. They look like chicken pox! I can't remember if they are itchy or painful or both. He's convinced something is biting him in his bedroom, but my mom doesn't have any spots. No one in my family, including myself, is a diagnosed celiac. I am visiting a doctor in December for persistent GI problems that have been going on on and off for about 3.5 years. Any help would be amazing. Thank you!
  11. Corning/elmira Area Doctors

    Hey...I wish I could help you. I go to school in Elmira, but I've never seen a GI there. I saw an endocrinologist who was pretty good, but that's all. I'd imagine that there are some GI docs up in Corning, in Elmira associated with Arnot Ogden Medical Center or maybe in Sayre, PA. Let me know if you've come up with anything!!
  12. Rice?

    Ok, so am the OP for this one. Turns out, my GI upset that I thought was due to rice continued to become worse all week. Thursday night I ended up in the ER. I couldn't drink anything because I was so nauseaous and I had explosive "D". Turned out I had a UTI, supposedly. Anyway, I being treated for that and I am feeling a bit better, but its weird that I got a UTI without any obvious symptoms. I'm not even prone to getting them...I've never had one before.
  13. Rice?

    Except I'm not sure if I have a problem with gluten. I could, but at this point I have no idea. I'm not gluten free or anything right now.
  14. Rice?

    Hey...I'm new here. I'm not diagnosed as Celiac and do not know of any food intolerances/allergies that I may have. I do have many environmental allergies though (All three of the grasses they tested me for, oak, birch, maple and elm trees, 2 molds, 2 mites cottonwood, etc.). Anyway I'm wondering if anyone here has ever heard of/has an intolerance or allergy to white rice. I was eating my dinner today, which was sweet and sour chicken over white rice and I had felt fine all day/yesterday. After dinner I had really bad/foul gas and felt ill. My stomach made all kinds of noises. After thinking for a little while, I realized that I feel badly like this every thursday during my night class (Coincidentally on thursday nights there is almost always some type of stir fry over rice.) Hmmm...Just a thought.
  15. This didn't used to happen to me. Now it happens very frequently. I kind of wonder if it has to do with the nexium.