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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I really needed to read that. It is so hard to imagine that in 10 yrs he will be normal and this whole struggle will be a fog in memory. I am so scared of the future as I see no improvement from day to day. Thank you.
  2. I live in Texas and there are not any (that I know of) stores that have mostly kosher stuff. We really dont have any Jewish neighborhoods down here(that I know of). I am so lost when it comes to things like margarine and milk substitutes. My son is allergic to soy and the rice milk that I usually buy contains gluten . I went and bought cows milk for the first time and now I find out that it doesnt matter if he isnt allergic to milk casein could still be an issue. What about casseroles and such. What do I use in place of cheese? The non dairy usually has soy or casein from what I saw in Wal-Mart. We are vegetarians. Can you give me an example of what your kiddos eat on a daily basis barring meat. Any good sites for recipes?
  3. They found that my son is allergic to soy and peanuts. On the scale of 1-6 they said it was a 2. I dont know what that means. I dont know if that means to cut it out all together or what.
  4. The allergy test was done through his pediatrician. We are still waiting for the referal nurse to contact us so we can see the allergist and the gastro doc. He was tested for dairy allergy but he is not allergic to cows milk. That does mean he is not allergic to casein and dairy right???? He has no growth issues. He has always been right on his curve. He has no digestive issues or sleep issues. There really hasnt been a sign of allergy issues. I only tested him because of his delays and seeing Jenny Mc Carthy on Oprah. He doesnt point or gesture he just whines and throws tantrums to tell you he wants something. He will only say eat. He is not the normal 3 yr old little boy.
  5. Forgive me if this is incorrect. I wrote it down but cant find the paper. On the Celiac test I believe it was the IgG that was abnormal. It was 16 I think. I didnt expect so many responses. I have been searching for a forum that can give me answers. The allergy test was a blood test. It was on a scale of 1-6. My son is a 3 with wheat and eggs and a 2 with soy and peanuts. The nurse had no info for me in regards to what this means and what I should or should not be doing. As for vaccines, well he is three and I already made the mistake of doing the multiples in one visit thing. I just didnt know. And now I do and I am heart broken at the thought that this is something I could have prevented. My baby doesnt speak. And it hurts because he is a Triplet and his sisters are chatter boxes and he cant even say two words. I just want to help him. I am so lost when it comes to what I should do first. I have already taken him off all bread except for the gluten free kind. All pasta is gluten/casein free. I am trying hard to balance because his sisters are fine. They have no delays and so I have no need to not feed them their normal diet. I am so overwhelmed and hopeful at the same time. I am just praying that this change can help him
  6. So first off my son is extremlely developmentally delayed. He is three and has maybe 2 word that are not even full words. I decided to have him tested after seeing Jenny Mc Carthy on Opera. They tested him for celiac and of the 5 panels 1 came back abnormal and the pediatrician doesnt know what that means. What is for sure is that my son tested positive for allergies to wheat eggs peanuts and soy. Is it common to have a child very delayed because of a wheat allergy? Do they recover?