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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed in September and I have switched everything food, utensils, beauty products and I cant seem to gain weight. I dont want to do the feeding tube I am 5'8 and 116. Everyone that i have talked to that have celiac disease are very healthy. I know I am still malnurished cuz my clothes keep getting bigger. I was up to 136 and then dropped back down. Please any advice on on quick easy snacks that are gluten free like slim fast that i can get a lot of calories from. I have to force myself to eat 1000 calories. Please
  2. The sell them at exclusive salons you may have to call around to find it, but the color care shampoo, healing condition, equalizing, the working spray, straightning gel, volumizing spray. When i contacted them they got me in touch with there scientist who also told me anything with sd alcohol could contain wheat. Most arosol hairspray is bad. But there beyond thermal and shine spray contains gluten but theres no cross contamination
  3. I am sorry if i would have found out when i was in middle school iwouldn't have got into drugs. I know thats why i wasn't right in my head growing up.
  4. Well i didn't eat dairy for the first few months and i can tollerate a lil bit of dairy. I eat a lot of soy based foods i didn't know that. I know this is gross but i Am still bloated and that icky stuff still comes out in my bowels. I am extremely skinny. To the point i dont even recoqnize myself in the mirror anymore. Yeah we got new stuff for our wedding and we had to get rid of all of it and start over. The cabnits are the same. And i live in a apt and i am sure thats it.
  5. I am a hairdresser. And your hair and nails are the last place to get nutrients. So if you have a malnuricment disease your hair and nails will suffer. but if your hair was dry and damaged it could mean you live in a dry area, your hairs not getting enough nutrients or you have dameged it by coloring or highlighting it to much. Oily hair is not that bad, it means you are getting nutrients that you need and healthy hair tends to be oily. Aquauge has a great line of products that are gluten free. The equalizing shampoo should help with that Hopefully that helped And i got diagnosed in September and my hair sucks right now. Its not healthy
  6. I got diagnosed with celiacs spru in the last part of 07 I was 24 at the time and I was in recovery from drugs. I got married to an awsome husband last year also. So this has been hard for both of us. He has been my support and when he is home he eats the diet too. We have done everything by the book. I had just finished my cosmetology degree and found out that the hair spray in the salon was making me sick cuz 90% of them contain wheat. Well i took time off and that didn't help i just slept all the time and it was easier to not eat than eat. I am back at work. In a salon that lets me use my own stuff and they are way supportive. But I can't gain weight and i am depressed. And i feel like i am running on anxiety all the time, I just cant seem to feel better. I have fallen off the wagon a few times and its so hard to deal with this. I was on a drug call subboxenne for opiate addiction and then they switched me to subutex. Does anyone know why i cant gain weight, i am depressed and i am full of anxiety since i follow the gluten free diet. Did anyone go through not being able to eat, or not even noticing you didn't eat after you got diagnosed. How come i am super skinny and most people i talk to with this are healthy. Whats wrong?