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  1. I'm looking for ideas on what to have for breakfast. Does anyone have any ideas that they would like to share?
  2. Does anyone have any salad dressings that they would like to recommend? Any replies will be much appreciated!!
  3. One of our family friends has cancer and she has to undergo very serious chemotherapy treatments. I feel so blessed that all I have to do to get well is eat right.
  4. I come from a family of Celiacs. Half of us seem to be what I term "classic celiacs" - extremely thin, eating like horses, unexplained anemia, bad digestive problems, teeth falling out, etc. The other half, seem to be like me -- no digestive problems, but when we eat gluten, we have severe bloating and are overweight, have horrible mood swings, and bad depression. Does anyone else have this situation? I wish I could find more information on celiacs like me. I feel like a type of celiac that doesn't get much attention and not much is known about. Any responses will be much appreciated.