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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh And Pressure Points?

    My dermatologist didn't think my rash looked like DH so I tried various topicals and switched to unscented dye free soap and laundry detergent with no success. I didn't understand why I got the rash only in spots covered by clothing until I searched symptoms and kept finding Celiac and DH in the search results and read about pressure points. My Gastroenterologist had included a test for Celiac in a series of tests but didn't mention it to me,and his staff wasted an extra month when the lab didn't have enough blood samples to perform the test. They kept telling me the results would be "another week" until I called the lab myself and learned the truth. By then I had learned about DH online and requested that my dermatologist test for it because of a family history of autoimmune diseases: thyroid disease, diabetes, liver disease, heart trouble, diverticulitis. My DH is always mirrored to a degree but more severe on one side. Solorcaine spray and Mometesone give me some temporary relief. Diagnosed 8 months ago at age 49 and DH was almost gone until I ate Batman Special Edition dark chocolates for weeks thinking I had read the bag and that they were safe. Anyone have Cutaneous Sarcoidosis granulomas at the same time as DH?