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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello to each and every one of you who gave me so much comfort during this journey. I have found out that I was misdiagnosed with celiac disease, via a genetic test and a doctor (my 6th) with a messianic complex. After being gluten-free for nearly a year, I was still getting sick, and finally sought help from my 7th, and hopefully last doctor. She sat with all of my test results from the past year, put me on a cleansing fast, ran some tests and found out that my problems were related to my adrenals. 6 weeks out and I am finally starting to feel better. In any case, in my desire to embrace this change in my life, I bought a lot of books. I would like to give them to someone in the Seattle area that will use them. Some are cookbooks, some are just about the disease. I also have some unopened flours, mixes, etc, that are all perfectly good, less than 2 months old, and we all know how expensive that stuff is. If someone will contact me, I will be happy to drop them off, or if anyone has any suggestions for what I can do with them other than post them on Craigslist. I live in North Seattle. May God bless all of you with restored health and happiness, you all deserve it. Best, Karen Fredericks
  2. Hi There, I'm getting ready to take a trip, too - and here's my plan. I am packing Glutino breakfast bars, Bumblebars, Lara Bars and Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Bars. If for any reason I feel I cannot dine with everyone else, I intend to eat one of these bars and a piece of fruit and only drink iced tea in the restaurant with my family. I don't eat meat, but I know people who buy gluten-free jerky for travel, too. Protein really helps. So, get thee to a Whole Foods, or health food store and stock up. When you arrive at your destination, buy fruit for your room, Rice Chex if possible, and try to keep positive. I know I won't be enjoying all that my city has to offer gastronomically, and I have to accept that. As long as I am fed, and remain well - that will have to be enough. As far as everyone else goes - after a while it's like water off a duck's back. It really does get easier. I have my moments - don't get me wrong - many people don't even want to understand this disease, but being well is so worth all the flak. Enjoy your trip, sounds like a momentous one! Best, Karen
  3. Washington State?

    As my tag implies, I am indeed a Seattelite in Ballard, WA. Please, please, please contact me with any and all news re: gluten free in this town. The Flying Apron is an abomination in my opinion. Impromptu is wonderful but pricey. PF Changs - good but not for more than once a month. I recently was in Portland and was amazed at the choices available. It's not that I eat out every night, but when we do go out, I want to eat. You had to see the gluten-free menu Red Robin presented to me yesterday. The entire front page was a disclaimer. I left, telling the befuddled waiter that I was going to get sick if I ate in his restaurant. I'd really love to have someone locally who can help me navigate these waters, so message me! I was finally diagnosed in March via a genetic test. I had been sick since childhood, but no-one had ever put all of the pieces together. Hope to hear from you. Karen, in Lovely Ballard
  4. Wow, People Really Don't Get It...

    My personal favorites are "Just eat around it" or "C'mon, a little won't hurt!"
  5. Block Party

    We had our first block party last night, and the woman who organized it was an absolute control freak who could not understand why we were setting up our own grill and table of food down the block away from everyone. I tried to explain to her that it was just better for the reason you all know - cross contamination. I told her that no matter how closely I watched, chances were that someone would put one of their items on my grill, or stick their glutened spoon into my salad. She was astonished, and intimated that we were using my "condition" to opt out of socializing with everyone. I felt very conflicted. I am so sick of having to explain this stuff to people. I wanted to choke her and beg her forgiveness at the same time. Consequently, she did wind up alienating us, because I didn't want to have to stroll down to the gluten eaters and once again tell my tale. I was only diagnosed in January, but had been feeling pretty fabulous about how things had been going. My health is improving in leaps and bounds, but this sort of thing is a setback of a different kind. Right now, I'd like to send her a big wheaty pie with spiders in it. Sorry, just had to say it.
  6. Whole Foods/houston, Tx

    I always get the Glutino bagels if they have them and throw them in the freezer. I eat maybe one a week, when the rest of the family is having something yummy, and I don't feel deprived. Also look for the Glutino individual pizzas. They can really save the day!
  7. Just my two cents but both my naturopath and acupuncturist truly believe that the "lazy" diagnosis of IBS is having its swan song. Awareness is rising and every time I reveal my health challenges to someone I don't know, they always know someone else with the same condition. We all need to share and 'gently' demand recognition. Keep talking this up, soon the lightbulbs will be illuminating over the heads of those who have accepted that lame and catch-all diagnosis, and the "live with it" attitude that is attached to it.
  8. Gluten Reaction And Depression

    Oh Hon, I'm so sorry you've been hit so hard. The only thing that gets me through those times is that I know it will pass eventually. One time, I soiled my underwear because we only have on bathroom in the house and my 12 year old son was in there. I am not the type of person to pound on the door and demand access, so I waited and lost it. The feelings of powerlessness, shame and humiliation can be overwhelming, and I think they can trigger a bout of depression. Each of my reactions have been unique, some being over in 2 days, some taking 2 weeks or more. Ride it out, drink lots of water, and continue to take your vitamins regardless of how you feel. They will help you to heal faster, especially the B-12, and rest when you can. Double check anything new that you brought into the house that may be causing the reaction, and sit tight- you WILL get better. Be well, Karen
  9. Hi Carin, and welcome. I'm sure there will be many more experienced replies to your post, as I am newly diagnosed. It generally takes me 12-24 hours to experience a reaction to gluten. Yes, it could have been your cookie sheets - I now line mine with foil. If I have a major glutening, like say from a clueless restaurant, it can take me 7-10 days to recover. Good luck on your journey to health, I'm feeling better every day. Best, Karen
  10. Newly Diagnosed & Vegetarian

    [ballardWA - do you live in Ballard? I live in Bellingham Bully - Yes, I live in Ballard in Seattle. My sister-in-law lives in B-ham.
  11. Newly Diagnosed & Vegetarian

    Any suggestions or even some guidance from a fellow vegetarian would be greatly appreciated Welcome! There is a website that deals specifically with celiac vegs called vegiac.com. There is a wealth of information there, as well as support for your choice to not eat meat regardless of your diagnosis. Seeing a naturopathic nutritionist helped me tremendously as well. With a few blood tests we found out what I was lacking and came up with a recovery plan. Good luck on your journey, Karen
  12. Now if I could only find gluten free flour tortillas! Hey MindyK, I use rice flour tortillas all the time! Trader Joe's makes them, as does a company called Food for Life, which I have found in health food stores. Enjoy! Karen
  13. Hi All, I just found Amy's new Indian style frozen meals, but am reluctant to purchase. The label says "no gluten ingredients". This is not the same as gluten-free, no? I've read other things here about celiacs being glutened by her pizza, so I'm wondering if this brand should just be avoided because the labeling is not really truthful. Anybody have any comments? Thanks, Karen in Seattle
  14. Maybe I should found the first gluten-free island-based republic ...