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  1. Well, I am really confused. I know the IGA says 39 (range 66-436), then under TTGA there is nothing, which I guess it means it is not back yet, it was a send out test, and then it says CELIA and under that IGA, Serum and it is 33 range 14-122. So is there something different with CELIA IGA, Serum as compared to IGA? Thanks! Megan
  2. My 2 1/2 year old son had some blood work done to rule out Celiac since he's underweight and not gaining and actually gone down in weight over the last few months. He's 26lbs and 36in. His IgA came back low, about 39 and our lab range is 66 to 436. What does a low reading like his mean? Thanks, Megan