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  1. Unfortunately I think we do have to be pushy and make everybody aware and keep our eyes on them in publlic places. I found it really hard around the holidays because our family didn't get it yet and kept trying to give her stuff and plus she was reaching for things. dd is four so she understands now and is very good about telling people about her many allergies when food is offered. My husband and I both eat gluten-free when we are home so she doesn't feel different and there is nothing else to want. It's just easier for us and I think it has made it easier for her to accept. To keep the cost down we eat mostly meat, veggies and a grain in some sort of dish instead of buying specialty prepackaged food that is more expensive. At first is seemed like a lot more work but it's not a big deal now. I also discovered that I am gluten intolerant through this process. I would never have guessed that it affected me as well. Good Luck to you!
  2. Wow, that sounds like a scary experience. I would recommend finding a doc that understands celiac's and won't make you try to test her, but could be supportive of you. My daughter was always under weight and never slept as an infant and even now at four wakes up once a night. Before we started gluten-free she was up two or three times. As an infant she slept 10-20 minutes at time most of the night. The first couple hours she might sleep 1 hour at a time and napping was about 30 mins of sporadic sleep. We tried everything and the doc kept telling us this is how some babies are. I haven't met one yet like her. She wasn't 20 pounds until she was well over two. She is four and still thin we have been gluten-free since Jan 08. When we started the diet she immediately started gaining weight, was happier, slept, more energy and boy has she grown from a barely size three to a five and don't think we are going to be a five long. Good Luck to you!
  3. Thanks for the input from all of you. Our hospital has gone through some major renovations in the last couple of years. It is a small community hospital that is growing quickly so unlike most hospitals it seems to have had money to maintain itself fairly well. Parts of the hospital are old and I am sure are not up to par. I wonder about the air quality system. How often are the filters changed etc. I have no idea how it works, but I feel like the air is part of the issue. The cake mix does not have artificial sweetners, although my sister may have used xylitol to sweeten the frosting, not sure. The cake mix is free of gluten, wheat, soy, nuts, potato, corn, dairy, and casein. It is sweetened with cane juice. I just thought about the fact that my sister uses xylitol frequently to sweeten things and I have a hard time with gum that is sweetened with it. Very interesting! I am trying not to worry to mych and now that I am feeling better it's a bit easier. My husband asked this evening if I had pickrd up a water test kit. Arrrrrrrrhhhhhh!
  4. I was just thinking.... Some of you mentioned that you have environmental allergies. How do you go about figuring out what those are. I work for a hospital and most of the time I work out patient at schools and childcare centers, but about once a week I work inpatient. I am usually ill after working inpatient shortly after I get home or even before i leave work. I am constantly using handsanitizers and washing my hands. I have wondered if there soap makes me sick, but I am sure there are lots of other chemicals that I am exposed to there. I have also wondered if it's just in my head since I enjoy working with the patient's, but acute care isn't really my thing. Just don't know anymore, Kristan
  5. The cream cheese frosting wasn't dairy free. This was the first time I had allowed dairy in several months becuase I want my dd gut to heal. She was experiencing symptoms that weren't going away so I cut out all the typical triggers. I never had a problem with dairy before this. I have only been experiencing this for a few months. This is gross, but when other people get D does it seem to be unstopable without an anti-D. Is it good to take and anti-D or just let it run it's course (which could be 24 hours or longer)? Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. Kristan
  6. Hi Everyone, I need help and to vent! My stomach is killing me all the time. I ate a gluten free Namste spice cake with cream cheese frosting (homemade) last Tuesday and was horribly ill for 2 days. My stomach was finally feeling 100% Monday and Today I am having D again. The pains I was having last week were awful, sharp and stabbing. My massage therapist thinks it's my gallbladder or related to nerve impingment in my neck since they all run on the same nerve. (Not that she can diagnosis this stuff). Does anyone else get overheated quickly and have D and headaches that become migranes if they aren't treated quickly? I stumbled on to the gluten free thing through my dd who was diagnosed in Jan. I stopped eating gluten to be supportive of her. We have also stopped nightshades, soy, dairy, and some lectins. I feel like I can't eat anything that I don't prepare from scratch at home. I need to know what I should do next. My dd is doing really well and is not experiencing the same symptoms. My husband is convinced it's the water or in my head because who develops food allergies at 29. Thanks Kristan
  7. Thanks for the help, I just bought coriander this week for a pad thai recipe that meets all of are dietary restictions and I love cumin but haven't been using it after I ran out, don't know why. I will have to locate a wasabi that is free of all the crap we don't eat. Hubby has been eating it, but it's not oK for my dd. I think the nomato has soy in it, which is a real bummer. I am dying to make pizza of something with tomato flavor. Thanks again, let me know if you think of anything else, Kristan
  8. Hi, My family is gluten-free, soy free, casin free, legume free, and most unhappily nightshade free. Does anyone have any good substitues for tomatoes and most importantly spicy flavors like peppers. We used to eat hot food all the time and now are unsure what is ok and what to sub with. thanks for your help. Kristan
  9. It must be tough having a father who doesn't understand your basic need for healthfulness. I have heard other people on this site state that it is a form of abuse to knowingly give a child who is intolerant, wheat. I wonder if dad has ever thought about that. Not that a discussion about abuse would make for peace between the parents, but come on, how could any sensible person think a 7 year old would poop his pants purposefully or that it would somehow be the fault of mom. Please! The mom blame game really gets me going. We are all doing the best we can in our lives. My thoughts are with you I understand how difficult and frustrating this is, especially when your main job in life becomes food police, laundress, and poop cleaner upper. Fortunately, at some point things always seem to improve or aleast their will be different challanges.
  10. Hi Ali B, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Your daughter is lucky to have a supportive mom. My mom is realizing that some of the symptoms my daughter has fit her and just got tested and started a gluten-free diet. Instead of educating herself she stops by my house for dinner! Which I love, but sometimes feel put upon since she's like " I have a meeting in 20 minutes can you scramble me an egg?" Meantime I am trying to make dinner for my own family. Oh well, glad I can help her. My daughter is four. Which might sound young to some, but I am talking about a child who around 15 or 16 months wanted to potty train, but didn't become fully trained until she was two. She was however bm trained from a very young age all on her own. Until recently. I also recently removed all other possible allergens because I felt like I had the gluten-free thing nailed and we still were having bm accidents. I removed peanuts, garbanzo beans, and lentils -lectins, Bannanas, nightshades, soy, and dairy. The diahrea cleared up in about a week and a half. It is time to add some foods back in, but I am going to talk to the Naturopath first to see which one to test. Good Luck to your grandson, this must be so difficult for him. How is his self esteem? Good I hope.
  11. My daughter has had trouble holding her bowels during times of contamination. We started the gluten free diet in jan. She potty trained at 2 with little trouble, but about a month ago she was unable to make it to the toilet and was having accidents daily until I took other suspicious foods out of her diet and rechecked all of the gluten free stuff. after a week - two weeks without nightshades, dairy, soy, garbanzo beans, lentils, and peanuts, she stopped having accidents and is having solid stool for the first time in a number of weeks, I hope your grandson feels better soon!
  12. Holiday, I know what you are going through. The accidents for us take several weeks to days to resolve, but there is nothing more frustrating then cleaning up after an irritable child. They are frustrated we are frustrated, it just isn't a good time. My sympathies are with you.
  13. Holiday, I know what you are going through. The accidents for us take several weeks to days to resolve, but there is nothing more frustrating then cleaning up after an irritable child. They are frustrated we are frustrated, it just isn't a good time. My sympathies are with you.
  14. Thanks for all the help, I will call the doc today. I am now debating which one, Naturo or MD. Probably it will end up with both either way I go. I didn't know the sknis of apples would cause D. I don't give them to her usually unless I buy organic. Her poop is a combo of floating and sinking, but it has been so watery that a lot of times she can't make it to the bathroom and it ends up in her pants. I am not to worried about dehydration because she is eating well and many fruits plus she is drinking and typically only having one bowel movement a day. Thanks again for the help.
  15. Thanks for the input Rick Spiff, I really hope it is not the eggs, we bought 20 laying hens a week ago and getting about 10 eggs a day from them. hubby finished the new hen house this weekend so we can get a flock of meat birds. Yikes, this would be reaaly bad. She doesn't usually get any soda, unless she is feeling exta sneaky, which happens with this little girl. Why avoid apples, I thought they were pretty benign as far as food allergies and D ? Thanks again