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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am in Australia and have just found a baking mix that does not have potato flour (for those that are nightshade intolerant as well). The company is from New Zealand and makes a great butter cake, vanilla cup cakes and a fantastic Chocalte pudding. I haven't tried the bread mix as yet. They also put together pasta combination but they all have poato starch in them. Why can't they make pasta without potato starch? Anyway the company, not sure if I can plug their name, is Greens and their glutenfree range is called Basco. Even my husband loves the cake and he doesn't know its gluten free.
  2. Thank you Michael for your informing posts. I have been diagnosed GI from gene indentification and symptoms but tested negative with the blood test. I figured out from my food diary that every time I ate potatoes I would be racked with pain at night and then spend time clinging to the loo. I have stopped eating potatoes and tomatoes for nearly three weeks and can now sleep at night without pain. I just tested my reaction with a packet of crisps and now are getting the cramps just 30 minutes later. Last week I had a very bad reaction after just eating a few fries, my heart slowed and I had problems breathing. Can you suffer an anaphylactic shock from nightshdes? I have never been able to go near peppers or chilli, as I get migraines that last for days. I am hoping you are correct and that if I stay away from the nightshades I will heal. I use to think I had only an allergy to Capsaicin, a chemical in chilli that denatures the sensory nerves and leads to an almighty histamine release. This may be so but I don't think tomato or potato have this chemical. Do chilli's and peppers have solanine? I am still being wary of the grains as I get respiratory problems from wheat so am about to try rye as an alternative. If this does the same may be I have the double whammy, that is GI and nightshade intolerance.
  3. I am jst finding out hat my diarrhea (on and off) is from potato. I know I cannot eat chilli, peppers or tomato. Chilli and peppers give me instant migraines that last for days but usually not the associated gut problems. How can poatoes do this? are they different to the other nightshades? I sit in combination with other foods that they reek there havoc? I wish I knew as potatoes were my favorite food. I would get cravings for them, chips, baked any way, yum. It was only after my hubby went on a diet that eliminated them (I was cooking for him and eating the same food) that I improved. I ate them the other day and had a very disturbing thing happen. My heart slowed down to about 20 beats/min and I couldn't breathe. Scary stuff! My allergy doctor thinks it may have been an allergic reation, but all I had following this was a dull headache for an hour. No repeat performances. Has anyone else experienced this happen.
  4. Hi, I am a new member and am replying because I suffer the same problem with nightshade foods. I cannot eat chilli or capsicum without suffering migraine that lasts for two or three days and is not relieved by normal medication. I cannot even use the same chopping board without scouring it well first. Even cafes, chopping veggies with the same knife, gives me the symptoms. Picking the offending food out of a salad makes no difference. I cannot eat tomato sauces of any kind and now are realising that potatoes may have been causing my digestive problems. For over five years now I have suffred from chronic diarrhea, on and off. Could not figure it out. I am now going through an allergy clinic and they say I have the gene for celiac disease. Gluten free foods sometime relieved my symptoms but also sometimes made them worse. I now think that it is the potato starch in some gluten free foods that does it to me. The allergy clinic says that all nightshade foods are high in chemicals such as salicylates, but the symptoms of salicylate intolerance are not the same as those I have. Pain racks my body at night but is relieved when I get up in the morning and move around. The potato poisoning makes sense to me as I often hear my gut rumbling loudly after a meal with potato in it. I am now wheat free as it causes sneezing, runny nose and general conjestion with me. I haven't tryed rye and wonder if I am gluten intolerant or maybe my gut is so inflammed by the potato it is reacting to everything. I test negative to gliadin, but then I was off wheat when I had the test done so it may be a false negative. Are you any better on your current diet? rgds Margaret