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  1. YES! you can be glutened by their kitchen. Anything that has wheat particles on it- towels, sponges, a tortilla that was briefly laid on top of your food by accident... anything!! Rewash your containers at home in a dishwasher - I routinely was being poisoned by my inlaws kitchen until I realized that they were only handwashing some of the pots and pans... and the silverware. I get amazingly sick if the dishes are only handwashed. Get some disposable forks if you have to.. but don't trust that kitchen. Be well! Laurie
  2. Kirkland customer service confirmed tonite (5-8-08) that if it contained any of the top allergens, it WOULD be listed. So no Wheat is in this product. I am still tracking the "thickening agents" for sources of corn however. Stay tuned. Laurie