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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think I will have to get some........I think that was another one of my hesitations, I have heard similar horror stories about trying to roll out gluten free pizza dough. So the fact it is easy to handle, that is a plus. I don't mind if it is a little sweet, well I will just have to give it a try, because if I like it, I think it will give me some new recipe ideas. One of the hardest things for me is trying to accumulate a variety of tasty gluten free tried and true dishes. It is kind of hit and miss at this point.
  2. Red Robin Gluten Free Bun

    Yes, I was recently in California and ate at Red Robin and Ruby's they both offered the gluten free bun. I found it to be a good substitute, I was starving for a good juicy hamburger, it would have been awful if I had to have just had a salad.... The bun is large, and rather dry, and it is a lot of bread, but I have a smaller appetite these days, so I wasn't able to eat it all. but I found it okay. Far better than anything I had eaten before. I found some at whole foods that looked the same and bought them for home use, and I think they are the same....I take them out and wrap them individually and then put them back in the bag because gluten free bread has a tendency to go bad rather quickly.
  3. Help With Gerd/acid Reflux

    I have found that going gluten free has NOT helped my acid reflux one little bit, I must still take my omeprozole daily. Since I was an adult already when I became gluten intolerant and already a bit over weight the Dr. keeps telling me that losing weight will help me. I have been so sick for so long, losing weight was not at the top of my priority list. Now that I am doing better I guess I will work on that and see if it helps. I also hate taking that pill daily, but the problems that acid reflux can create are so far worse, I take it. The Dr. insists the pill is relatively benign and you can take it for years. But it would sure be nice not to have to take it.
  4. we went looking today, hoping Werther's Hard Candy Butterscotch would fill the bill, but their ingredients states, corn or wheat, so can't take the chance...darn.
  5. We have kaiser, and they have online posting, so any lab work results are posted within two days, usually the first day, It sure is handy. Sometimes the results are posted before I remember to go in and look for the results. Doesn't mean I always know what they mean, I often have to go to the Dr and have him interpret them for me.
  6. I picked it up and even had it in my shopping cart and then put it back....I am so hesitant to try new things. So many of the substitutes I really don't care for. I was a person who practically lived on bread my whole young life, not until the last 10 years have I had real problems. So it is taking some getting used to. But I haven't had a piece of pizza since going gluten free and I sure do miss it. But it is the crust I probably miss most. I might try it.....
  7. Does anyone know of a brand or type of hard butterscotch candy that is gluten free?
  8. You were thrilled about finding gluten free tomato sauce, and then went on to eat regular bread. Eating regular bread would be far worse than getting the small amount of wheat you might find in tomato sauce, are you crazy?
  9. Is All Wine Gluten Free?

    I know this is an old thread, but I was browsing, looking to see about gluten free wines, and came across your question. I just wanted to say about wine, tonight I made stew and used red wine in the sauce. I had no more than finished eating than my stomach started to feel nauseated, and I ended up in the bathroom with the most painful cramps.........lasted four hours. The ONLY thing that I had in that stew that was in question was the wine. So I looked it up, and it says all wine is gluten free. Then in another place I found that yeast is made of barley and there is yeast in wine my husband says. also I read that the barrels might not be gluten free, and last, they sometimes use additives. All I know is, I had a terrible reaction from the wine, and on the bottle they did not list even ONE ingredient, not even the word grape was on the bottle. So I have no idea what was in the wine.....
  10. I know that this is a really old question, but I just wanted to respond because this is an issue I am having right now. I called the company and asked them if Prevacid was gluten free. After several minutes she said she would have to call me back. She called back and said, yes, they are gluten free. I called the pharmacy and asked them to read off the ingredients, one of the ingredients is "starch". I can tell you for a FACT they are NOT gluten free. If they are then why have I been so sick this week since I started taking them. I tried an experiment. I didn't take them for a couple of days, I got better, I took one this morning at 7:00 am, and I just got out of the bathroom AGAIN It is now 2:30. I have had terrible cramping, back pain, and headache. Not to mention feeling like I have been run over by a truck. All symptoms that I have when I have been glutened. They may have changed their formula now that corn has gotten so expensive, and that "starch" in there is now wheat..... But I have no doubt in my mind they are not gluten free.