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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am going for an iron injection tomrrow (not an infusion). Has anyone had this? Its called infufer. Thoughts, experiences? I'm a bit nervous about side effects.
  2. Hospital Frustration

    When my DD was born, I didn't get fed at all. She was born at 3 in the morning and we left at 8:30 pm and I didn't receive a single piece of food. Great way to treat a new nursing mother. DH went out and bought me food so I wasn't hungry but I still felt rather neglected.
  3. Well, I tihnk I'm your female equivilent. I pee with crazy frequency. Sigh. I feel you pain.
  4. I have no idea about the ones that went up but the autoimmune ones have gone down which has got to be good!
  5. Does anyone know of a good place to eat where I stand a chance of getting someithing gluten-free in San Juan? Many thanks.
  6. About Ready To Eat A Tree!

    People who have very little give because they know what its like to be hungry. I grew up with nothing and was fed by a neighbour with a frightening degree of frequency. At the time, I thought it was just fun but she saw me as a skinny hungry kid. When my oldest was a baby we used the food bank beuase my husband was on strike and I was on unpaid mat leave and we had NO income for close to three months and a mortgage to pay. Times get better. A lot of us pay those dues. I hope things get better for you shortly
  7. I'm no expert but being gluten-free for two months coud make it neg. Is there a reference range on the IgA? 90 seems low to me but w/o the range I cant' say.
  8. DH went around his office and everyone has short pinkies. I'm wondering if this is just normal and most people have it. He also said it depsends on if its palm side of back of the hand.
  9. Celiac Doc In Toronto Canada Area?

    I'm going to bump this. DOes anyone have a good GI in Toronto or the GTA for that matter. It seems like there are a few of us looking? Also if anyone has a good derm who would know about DH too?
  10. Dh On Buttocks?

    I have that too. I had hughly positive blood work and minorly positive biopsy but I have the rash. I didn't clue in until after I had the biopsy. I still have it altough its slowly getting better. TMI, but I htought it was from feminine products.
  11. I am curious about food allergies dx after celiac dx. I clearly have allergies. I wheeze and sneeze and have definate seasonal allergies. I have always tested negative in the past. My allergist commented that I seem to be someone that tests neg but has allergies and offered me shots for it. I have had what allergist thought was an anaphylactic rx to food but still tesed neg to everything. Fast forward and I now have a celiac dx. Last week I broke out in hives and GI discomfort after eating brazil nuts. I am now wondering, now that I'm not eating wheat, and my immune system is changing, if I had allergy testing now, if I'd test positive now. Has anyone had an experience like this?
  12. Ok, now I'm curious, what about low dose steriods like cortef?
  13. My TTG was 74. I knew I felt bad but didn't realize how bad. I'm 3.5 months gluten-free and its a HUGE difference. I've had maybe 2 headaches in that time vs almost daily.. There is a clairity that I dind't have before. The other thing I've noticed, is that OTC pain meds now completely knock me out vs before they had little effect.
  14. Always thought it was odd I could eat a huge pasta meal and be starving 20 min later. Also wondered why I'd have a HORRID headache the next moring after having a single beer. Why I gupled down toxic levels of iron suplements and still had crazy low ferritin levels.
  15. Yes I agree. I took synthroid for years and never felt completely better until I switched to armour. I am also a poor converter. I also wonder what hormones I missed all those years on synthroid. My doc said armour just works better in people with celiac esp women. I think it sounds like you need some adrenal support. T3 is hard on your adrenals especially if they are already stressed.